Small Ways Businesses Can Give Back


After the past year we’ve experienced, most small businesses that are still surviving are only doing so by cutting costs and trying to save money where possible. While your company might not be thinking about giving back to charity right now, it is more important than ever and doesn’t necessarily require donating money.

From volunteering time to partnering with a local charity on a project, there are so many ways to lend a helping hand to those in your own community that will also be beneficial to your business. It’s hard to wrap your head around, but you can indirectly help feed the homeless, save the polar bears, or contribute to cancer research right from your own backyard.

Why Give Back as a Company?

We all try to chip in here and there to charities, maybe even making donations annually to our favorite causes. As an individual, you might wear polar bear jewelry that benefits organizations dedicated to saving wildlife, or compost your food scraps to save the environment, but there is way more you can do as a company.

  • Company Reputation: There are plenty of incentives that make it worthwhile to give back as a business besides the obvious reason of wanting to help others. If you are trying to build your company’s reputation, corporate social responsibility is one of the best ways to do it. As a result, you will likely see an increase in sales as people are more likely to make purchases that benefit others.
  • Employee Productivity: Without a doubt, you’ll notice that your employees become more driven when they are working for a higher cause. Knowing their work is directly aiding those in need is a huge motivator.
  • Tax Breaks: Finally, you can get tax breaks! If you donate certain goods, money, and services as a company, you may be eligible for tax relief.

Top Ways a Business Can Offer Aid Beyond Donating Money

Donate Unused Office Supplies or Other Goods

Do you have unused supplies, extra products that you don’t need, or office furniture that you want to replace? Don’t throw any of these things away — check first with your local Goodwill to see if they will take them. More than likely, these are items that someone else can really use.

Host a Free Workshop

Hosting a free workshop over social media or Zoom is a great way to give back to the community. An example of this would be a digital marketing company providing an hour-long class on Instagram growth tactics. While you’re not giving all your secrets away, you are sharing tips so that others can grow their platforms completely free. You can ask for their email address on sign up to keep in touch.

Offer Internships to Students

Students want to be able to work with a company like yours, yet they aren’t able to take on a full-time job with their course schedule. You want to help out and share the skills of your employees. Internships are a win-win solution for both parties. The student can often receive course credit for interning for you, plus you get to have an extra helper around.

Offer Paid Volunteer Days to Employees

While similar to donating to charity, you can offer paid volunteer days to your employees so that they can get involved with local charities and community projects. Whether they sign up to pick up trash at the beach for wildlife conservation, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or lend a hand at a local animal shelter, they are sure to find the experience eye-opening and rewarding. This will foster good will among your employees and support a thriving company culture, which can have profound effects on their work when they return to the office.

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