7 Tips to Overcome the Post-Quarantine Crisis of Your Employees

Employees Crisis

For some, the very fact that quarantine ends will become a strong motivator and a reason to break out of the cage. Others will feel lost for a very long time. And most likely, both of these types of people will gather in your office very soon, and your task will be to direct them along the right path. In this article, we talk about how to help your employees get back on track if they don’t feel motivated.

Start from Asking Them What They Want

Remote work was a trend and became a necessity. And we will tell you even more – while some of the people suffered because of the need to constantly be isolated, the other part learned to see this as an advantage, and perhaps even found ways to be more productive at home. If so, then it does not make sense to deprive your employees of the comfort and safety of their home offices.

Conduct a survey among your people, ask them to share their opinions and impressions. Most likely, some of them will say for sure that they would like to continue working from home or at least have the most flexible schedule – for example, to come to the office once a week.

Your advantages are obvious – employees get what they want, do not lose motivation due to unwillingness to stay at home / come to the office, and of course, fewer people in one place always mean more safety. In the next section, we will talk about this.

Make Them Feel Safe

The global economy is starting to recover gradually. On the one hand, people understand that a return to work is a necessity – both personal and economic. On the other hand, many of them, especially those who are very sensitive to information attacks, may be afraid to return to their jobs because of the need to contact people.

If your business is designed in such a way that it is impossible to completely exclude personal contacts, you definitely need a new approach to safety, hygiene, and health protection.

An enhanced cleaning schedule with disinfectors is a minimal program. Plus, it’s worth providing each employee with personal protective equipment, gloves, masks, and sanitizers.

  • Refuse from using stationery to avoid a hand-to-hand transfer.
  • Begin introducing a fully electronic workflow.
  • Provide free access to antiseptics in elevators, toilets, and stairwells.
  • Try to organize the work so that your employees do not have to travel by public transport, or at least plan their trips so that they can solve several problems in one trip.

A feeling of safety in the workplace will help your people tune in to work and get used to the new reality faster.

Make Sure You Have a Strategy for the Next Outbreak

More and more experts say that the virus will remain here for a long time. And most likely, the second outbreak is still waiting for us ahead, most likely in winter or autumn. However, now we have a great advantage – we can at least guess what to expect and provide an airbag in advance.

Most likely, your employees are also aware of this fact. They may have no motivation to work due to the fear that this situation may recur. Your task is to convince them that you have an action plan. Even if at the moment you do not have it, you still need to maintain confidence in front of your employees, and of course, start developing a strategy for the second quarantine right now. It will be better if it remains unused than if the second outbreak of the virus again takes you and your people by surprise.

Give Away Some Perks

If possible, please your employees with small bonuses. Perhaps you have partnerships with a retailer, and this company will be able to offer your employees discounts or cashback. Or the bank that serves your company will be able to offer them small credit benefits or improved conditions for deposits. Here everything will depend on your capabilities and the circle of contacts.

Provide Them With Opportunities to Master New Skills

Our reality has changed, and we will have to get used to this fact. And start to learn some processes again. Of course, if your business model is changing, your employees will need new skills to grow your company. Your task is to offer them learning opportunities that should be comfortable for everyone.

For example, if a pandemic caused your business to go online, then some employees will have to retrain a bit. Your marketers will have to start focusing on digital marketing, social networks, and blog content. Fortunately, the Internet is full of tutorials on any subject of Internet marketing. All that is left for you is to find this information and offer your employees to learn something new. It’s absolutely real to learn how to create goal-oriented and quality content as freelance authors from Pick The Writer or Writing Judge writing services reviews platforms can create.

Come up With Some Surprises

It is not surprising that your employees are not motivated at work. The pandemic has changed too much, and even what used to be familiar no longer seems so valuable and desirable. A little shake and a change of scenery is a good way to recover. Try to give your employees a little surprise, of course, without violating the new safety rules.

For example, you can arrange a wellness or yoga day, Everyone’s Praise Day, or just an unexpected mini-celebration at the end of the day, just ordering pizza and lemonade to the office.

Find New Ways to Deal With Their New Problems

Most likely, you have a hunch that your employees encountered a lot of problems during the quarantine. Perhaps someone could not cope with the mortgage payment, someone delayed filling out the tax form, someone is worried about the fact that their children will have to go to society, and would prefer the home school model.

Ask everyone to tell about their problems, but just let it be a personal conversation. Perhaps you as an employer will be able to help at least a little bit – at least allow a flexible schedule for those who do not want to return their children to schools. Or perhaps your financial advisor could give advice to those who are in a difficult situation due to taxes and loans. Sometimes even a drop in the sea can make a difference.


Feeling lost motivation at work is normal for this situation. Do not expect your employees to perk up instantly, with a blow of a magic wand – they may have experienced personal tragedies during this period. Your task is to remain optimistic and confident. Encourage and engage your employees in the workflow step by step and very soon the ice will break!

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  1. Great tips for building a new team. Together with reliable and positive colleagues, it is easier and more fun to overcome the difficulties of the new economic paradigm during post-quarantine.

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