9 Logo Branding Ideas You Need to Know

Logo Branding Ideas

Branding is the marketing practice of using unique images and words to differentiate your product or service from competitors. A good brand will reveal who you even to consumers that have never come across you. It will also help to evoke emotional connections from your employees and loyal customers.

Once you create a great brand or logo it’s important to use every available opportunity to display it. This will help advertise your company as well as keep you in the minds of your clients. Displaying your brand is also a sign of professionalism.

There are many different places where you can display your business logo. Read on for 9 of our best logo branding ideas.

1. Website Branding Ideas

Your website is the most important place to display your branding. The first place people will check for you will be online. So when they search for your company, your branded website should be the first thing they see.

Your website is a great place for people to connect emotionally with your logo as it will be displayed next to your story, values and ethos. Ensure that your logo also appears on the navigation bar and tab so that people can see it on the tabs on their computer.

Remember to feature your logo and tagline on any company blogs as well as on all your employee’s email signatures. To send out a consistent message, all employees should have the same email signature format. Only their name and contact details should be different.

The email’s font, size, email signature, logo, and taglines should be the same across all your employees’ signatures.

2. Business Stationery

Putting your logo on business stationery is a time-tested branding idea. Display your brand on business cards, letterheads, and financial documentation such as invoices.

Branding your business materials is especially important for new businesses as it makes you look more established and professional. A branded invoice inspires more confidence than a generic one.

3. Uniforms and Company Apparel

If you have employees and they wear uniforms then your branding should be on their clothes─ particularly shirts and jackets. In case you don’t provide uniforms you can still produce branded apparel such as T-shirts and hats for the specific purpose of advertising your brand.

Brand logos on your company Promotional Customized Sweatshirts will help you increase your brand loyalty. Logos on company apparel are proven great tools to cultivate loyalty among the employees as well as the customers. Depending upon the perceived value of your brand, you can distribute your brand merchandise and urge your target audience to reach out to you.

Give these out to employees to wear to networking events. Branded apparel can also be gifted to clients. People are not shy about wearing quality branded clothes so this is one of the best branding ideas to market your company.

You should also add your brand to your employee IDs and nametags. This will reinforce your brand image to employees as well as clients that come in contact with them.

4. Branding Promotional Items

Another popular company brand idea is putting your logo on stuff that you can give away. These include promotional items such as mugs, water bottles, pens, etc.

Anytime you have a sponsored event you should carry these items to give away to attendees. Your sales team can also give away branded items to clients whenever they make sales visits.

5. Signage Branding

Signs and banners are a great place to display your branding. Any directional signs that lead to your office should have your company colors, logo, and tagline. You should also place them in areas that will get the most views.

Always have roll-up banners with your brand that you can carry to tradeshows and similar events to advertise your brand. You should also use your branding in your office decor and design. This will increase your employees’ and clients’ identification with your brand.

For example, if your brand colors are red and white then these should be the colors used to paint the office. Your logo, taglines, and story can also be displayed on walls and even ceilings─ pretty much anywhere where eyes may fall.

6. Social Media Branding

Your social media accounts are another branding idea you shouldn’t miss. Ask a graphic designer to customize your brand to fit all the different types of social media platforms.

Your brand should be displayed whenever you make posts on social media. This is very important because loyal customers will stop scrolling whenever they see your brand to read your post or advertisement.

7. Company Templates

As a company, you should have templates for documents such as memos, letters, and PowerPoint presentations. This keeps your messaging consistent and prevents employees from using things such as using comedic fonts and inappropriate presentation slides.

Your branding should be displayed on these templates. PowerPoint presentations get seen by clients and potential clients so your brand needs to be on the slides. Doing so will imprint it on your client’s memories.

8. Products and Company Packaging

Your logo should be on any products that you sell. This will reinforce your brand in your consumer’s minds each time they use your product. Additionally, any potential clients that like your product and want to buy it will be able to find you easily if your brand is prominent on the product.

Your packaging is also a great opportunity to brand yourself. You can use a custom box with logo to packaging your product in impressive and memorable ways. You can also use branded shopping bags, tote bags, or branded wrapping paper to wrap your product.

9. Company Cars

Your company vehicles travel to many places so you shouldn’t lose out on such a great opportunity to market your brand. Make sure that your logo is imprinted on all your company cars.

You can also print out your brand on magnets that can be stuck on employee cars whenever they are driving their cars on company business. The magnets can then be taken out when the logo doesn’t need to be displayed.

Try These Branding Ideas to Display Your Company Logo

The more you display your brand the more recognizable you will become. Practice consistency when using the above branding ideas. For example, make sure that the same colors and logos are used across all platforms to reinforce the recognition of your logo.

The more people see your logo, the more they’ll think about your brand. For more tips and discussions, check out our blog.

The more opportunities you take to display your logo, the sooner people will start associating your logo with the services that you provide. In their minds, they will differentiate you from your competitors. For more marketing ideas to grow your business, read the rest of our blog.

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