7 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Get the Highest Paying Jobs in Massachusetts

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When trying to find a position in a decent company in Massachusetts, job seekers tend to make common mistakes that affect the result. Even though it is not a big deal to find instructions on how to compose a resume or a cover letter, many applicants fail to follow simple rules and thus lose their dream jobs.

It often turns out that the career problems are connected to our misconceptions, high expectations, emotional decision-making, and peer pressure. Still, it is not always easy to notice and eliminate these disrupting factors. As human beings, we find it very difficult to look at ourselves from the outsider perspective.

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Recognizing your mistakes is the first step towards achieving success. Getting a highly paid job in Massachusetts is more than possible. The only thing for you is to find your weak point.

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Carelessness in the Resume and Cover Letter

Because of the economic deceleration due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the employment rate in Massachusetts remains extremely low in comparison to other states. Thus, to increase the chances of getting hired, it is crucial to pay special attention to your resume. 

Let’s say you are applying for the position of accountant. It seems that you do not need one hundred percent language literacy. Making mistakes in the resume is not so critical, is it? Of course, it is! This document shows, among other things, how attentive to details you are, how much you strive for the best possible performance of tasks. There should be no mistakes in a quality resume. This rule also works when composing a cover letter.

Exaggerating Your Previous Salary

It is obvious that all of us want to get more money at a new place of work. The desire to grow your income is understandable and more than reasonable.

Many people think that asking for more money is more appropriate if you deliberately overestimate your past income. They do it either by increasing its percentage by 30%, or even by 50%, or summing up all the bonuses and premiums.

However, it is much better if the applicant honestly informs a potential boss that the reason for leaving the previous job was low salary. The employer will take it as an even more weighty argument – the person has grown, and he or she will strive for the income that they have outlined.

Passive Waiting

If you need a highly-paid job, consider making a list of desirable Massachusetts companies looking for applicants similar to you, and call the recruiters yourself. This is especially true when we talk about top vacancies and leading specialists. 

Try to understand that a recruiter, having received up to 1000 resumes for a single job listing, will not choose the best candidate from the entire volume. It is impossible. HR will select the first 20-30 job seekers who meet the requirements and will further communicate only with them.

Failing to Write Cover Letters

This is a huge mistake. Sending blank messages to a potential employer is simply impolite. This will give the impression of a person who is alien to business etiquette.

A cover letter is like packaging for a product. It can either scare off the HR, and discourage the desire to further cooperate with you, or, vice versa, attract additional attention. It is a chance to provide concise information about yourself, the reasons for your interest in the vacancy, and indicate your contact information.

Lack of a Clear Understanding of Your Role in the Labor Market

How often do you find yourself looking for a job, just to find something? When we try to look for a decent position without understanding our value to the market, it can lead to unpleasant outcomes.

Before composing a resume, or filling in the application form, determine what exactly you want to do. Choose your career direction, type of company, city in Massachusetts, working schedule, and rhythm. After that, you can start thinking about the desirable salary. Set a long-term goal for 3-5 years. This will make it much easier to understand where you need to direct your efforts and energy.

Sending Tons of Resume Samples to the Same Company

As a rule, a resume in which its author is a jack of all trades, raises doubts among recruiters. The HR manager shouldn’t get the impression that you are still doubting your career plans. If you are ready to work as a sales manager, a marketer, and a call center operator, then try to reflect this in different resumes, but do not send them all to the same company.


Ignorance of the Real Situation in the Labor Market

When starting the process of job search, make sure to gather information about actual demands on the Massachusetts labor market, the requirements currently imposed on it, the kind of salary you can apply for. 

Data on seasonal growth or a drop in demand for experts within your field will also be useful. Make it a habit to regularly study analytical reviews of the job openings on specialized resources. All this will help you follow salary changes, the level of demand, and the skills that are required from specialists in your profile.

Final Thoughts

Do not panic if something doesn’t go the path you’ve imagined, especially when it comes to job search.

With our tips, you will be able to eliminate existing or potential mistakes. But remember: every rule has its exceptions. Sometimes it’s worth taking a risk and going beyond established formulas to get the result you want. We wish you success in your endeavors!

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