6 Useful Plumbing Tips for Beginners

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing issues and troubles may occur anytime, anywhere. Whether you are at work or home, it could probably be in the morning, evening, or late night, a small leak in your pipe can turn into your worst nightmare. In such circumstances waiting for expert plumbers may often demonstrate to be not a good decision. 

While there are many plumbing problems you should not do-it-yourself, there are some issues you can do yourself. You could end up saving yourself a bunch of money by learning to handle simple and easy plumbing tasks in your house. It is safe to say that not all plumbing jobs need an expert plumber- yet if you want to leave the jobs to them, that is your choice. If you want to learn a few tips to save some cash, keep reading this article. The first you can do is to get some decent plumbing tools. Plumbing tools may include the following: plunger, groove and tongue pliers, a pipe wrench, basin wrench, tubing wrench, adjustable wrench, drain snake, and a compression sleeve puller. With these plumbing tools, you can easily fix leaks, clogs, and showerhead issues. With that, it is always an excellent idea to have a dependable emergency number of a plumber in Frisco, TX, just in case you need some plumbing services. Lex’s Plumbing has expert and equipped plumbers to resolve your plumbing issues in no time. 

For now, let us give some tips you can add to your knowledge bank: 

  1. Never stop yourself from changing parts inside the toilet or faucet: A tiny mistake can often lead to a big mess when it comes to working on pipes under your sink or shower. On the contrary, replacing the toilet flapper or faucet cartridge will not cause much damage. Modern faucets are easy to repair by replacing the interior with a new cartridge. 
  2. Avoid using chemicals to remove clogs: Drain clogs are another major culprit of concern in many households. Using a costly chemical drain cleaner might be the simplest solution you think of and in your hand. But, if you can do so in a less expensive way, why do you need to use chemicals? You can use a drain snake and remove the clogs in the drain. Put the drain snake and pull it back after some minutes with the main culprit of the clog.
  3. Inspect the showerheads for issues: Is the leaking showerhead giving a hard time to sleep at night? One way to fix such a problem is by using thread tape. Such water leaks usually indicate the threads are not fastened tightly. You can simply unscrew the showerhead, employ a new thread tape, and then attach the showerhead again. 
  4. You can use thread tape instead of a sealing compound: Pipe dope or thread sealing can often drip or stain. For many Do-It-Yourself projects such as pipe threads, a thread tape will function like a charm. You may also choose a multi-purpose thread tape that is usually white.
  5. Apply heat to loosen the tough pipe fittings: You often observe and see that most of the water pipes in your bathroom get too difficult to open after many years of use. No matter how hard you try opening it with a wrench, you can never open it. You can use heat to loosen the stubborn pipe fittings and open them. 
  6. Make your water heater more efficient: Always inspect the thermostat of your water heater to make sure that you do not set it at a very high temperature. You should bring it down to 115 degrees and still have a lot of hot water to fulfill your needs. It will also be an excellent idea to insulate your water heater tank; so the water stays hot for a long time. 

Yet, you can mend small plumbing issues like toilet clogs and leaks by yourself. There are several do-it-yourself videos you can watch to fix minor issues. Remember, you must have the right plumbing tools. You will benefit from it. 

However, it is necessary to list the plumber’s phone number in your phone book since you might experience a plumbing problem that you cannot mend by yourself. A professional plumber from a responsive plumbing company can repair any plumbing issue promptly and efficiently. 

In most situations, you will find plumbing problems that are easy to handle by yourself. It can be very pleasing when fixing plumbing issues by yourself. 

Lex’s Plumbing hopes we help you with the plumbing tips so that you can repair your minor plumbing issues at home. If you want to learn more about our plumbing services, you can give us a call or visit our website.

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