5 Tips To Increase Instagram Followers in 2024

Instagram Followers

In the last few years, Instagram has gained immense popularity among social media enthusiasts, and it currently has 2.35 billion active monthly users, as per the reports of DemandSage.

But the interesting fact about Instagram is that the platform is wider than just influencers sharing photos and reels. Today, Instagram has become a crucial platform to promote brands as well. And your followers are the best promoters of your brands on social media. Other than that, many marketers are embedding Instagram feeds on their websites to get followers on Instagram.

2024 is around the corner, and you should be more serious about boosting your Instagram followers. So, this article will introduce you to some of the proven strategies that will surely get your brand more followers on Instagram.

Hook to this article till the end and note down each of them for your benefit.

5 Ways To Boost Followers To Expand Your Brand Popularity

Among the various social media platforms, Instagram has spread much wider wings, which has provided a great platform for the brands. Statista’s studies have made it clear that Instagram is home to 59% of marketers. And 49% of the consumers are engaged on Instagram, as per the same study by Statista, which made it clear that people love to buy from Instagram.

Thus, it makes it clear that all those consumers on Instagram can help your brand get more followers. However, you must follow some Instagram norms that will help you attract potential customers to follow your brand. So, below are the strategies revealed that will help your brand gain a strong network of followers on Instagram in 2024.

1. Share good quality content.

The key aspect that you need to follow in order to gain followers is impressing your audience. So, you need to focus on creating appealing content that will attract the attention of your targeted audience. Keep focusing on your niche and create aesthetic, appealing, and engaging content.

High-quality, engaging content that conveys required information to your viewers will easily make them interested in your brand in a short period. Make sure you are using colors and visuals that make your content effective, improve the engagement rate of your targeted audience, and bring more followers.

Focus on this bellow three elements:

Top-notch visuals: Produce high-quality images and videos that will be visually appealing to the targeted audience.

Catchy captions: The first thing that your audience notices after visuals is the caption. So, focus on writing a caption that will tell a story that matches your posts.

Hashtags: If you desire to get discovered by more of your targeted audience, then it is best to use relevant hashtags.

2. Engage more with your audience.

Fostering conversation with your audience is the best tactic to get more engaged with your audience. Thus, when you interact with your audience, you are able to establish a compatible relationship with them, and that will encourage your audience to follow you.

Conversation will help your audience engage themselves in getting valuable insight about your brand, which will motivate them to know about you and will follow you for that. Many options will help you to be in a positive conversation with your audience and let them follow you. Buy instagram followers to reach a larger audience and gain more opportunities to collaborate.

Consider three elements below for successfully engaging the audience:

Revert to comments: The brand owner must give their response to all kinds of comments on your posts.

Question Answer session: Create a conversation with your audience by throwing questions to be answered by your audience.

User-generated content: You can make your followers feel valued by sharing their content.

3. Embed Instagram feeds on the website.

If your brand has a website, then don’t miss the golden chance to boost Instagram followers through your website. It can be done when you embed an Instagram feed on the website. Potential buyers always go through the brand’s website before making a purchase.

Therefore, when you showcase your Instagram feeds on your website, it generates the possibility that your visitor might explore your Instagram page.  And, if they find it engaging, they will most probably follow your page for further updates.

There are many aggregator tools in the market for enjoying the seamless integration of Instagram feeds on websites. One of the prominent names in the aggregation tool is Tagembed, and It offers users code-free integration.

4. Follow the trends

The latest trends are the spice of social media that helps the creators create relevant content that touches the audience. Being in trend and relevant to the interest of your targeted audience will definitely help you to gain followers.

Trendy videos, memes, and posts get more attraction from Instagram users. So, use them in your Instagram marketing strategy to build a better brand, high engagement, and bring more followers.

Elements to be focused on:

Trending hashtags: If you desire to reach a larger audience, then use the most relevant and trending hashtags.

Explore page: Take your content ideas from the explore page to attract more of your targeted audience.

Joining the trend: Take part in the viral challenges or trends so that your audience notices your brand.

5. Start interactive sessions with your customers.

The best method to engage your audience to follow your brands is through keeping interactive sessions with them. Interactive sessions provide a chance for your brand to bond with the fans, and they get the chance to learn more about the brand, its offers, and its products.

The elements of interactive session:

Live streaming: You can live stream from your brand page before any product launch and engage the audience in some interesting Q&A sessions. You can also show the BTS glimpses of your brand.

IG stories: Stories today are a great way to interact with the audience. You can start a poll or engage your audience with relatable quizzes.

Giveaways: Make sure you have created an attractive post for telling the audience about the Giveaway session. Giveaways are the best brand campaigns for spreading awareness about your brand. Prizes definitely encourage participation.

6. Collaborate with influencers

You must have seen that many Instagram users collaborate with other creators, did you know that it has a great effect on impressing your audience to follow you? The tactic of collaboration gives your Instagram profile tremendous reach working on gaining trust and credibility. It has been found in a survey that 61% of the audience trusts a product recommended by influencers (Source: Social Shepherd).

Influencer marketing is a great idea but make sure that both you and the collaborator have similar interests which is important to target a similar audience. The same follower base as the other influencers will only bring you success with this type of marketing campaign.


It can be challenging for brands to maintain their constant growth in this trendsetting and ever-changing marketing world. And gaining followers on Instagram is also a hassle, cutting the strong competition of social media.

This article has provided you with some of the proven strategies that will help you gain more followers on Instagram.

Thus, follow these effective strategies to gain followers on Instagram and take your business to the next level.

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