5 Things You Should Think About Before Moving to a New House

Moving to a New House

Are you moving to a new house! It’s an epic adventure. It is a great culmination of new experiences and exploits. It is a time to get to know a new environment and new people. However, the moving day itself does not define the success of such an adventure. Endless chores, hard work, and meticulous planning are preparations you needed to complete before that big day. It is guaranteed to go safe and smooth once you’ve done everything right. But if you overlook an essential task, you may face a nightmare upon relocation. So, how do you make sure that you will not miss anything? Well, before the countdown begins, here are 5 things you should think about before moving to a new house.

Declutter your possessions

Are you a Netflix fan? If yes, you may have probably watched “Tidying Up with Marie.” Marie Kondo is a Japanese expert on decluttering. Her method is different as she encourages tidying up by category like books, clothes, shoes, etc. instead of the location. You may apply such a method when sorting your belongings. Find out which things you’ll need in your new home and dispose of everything you don’t need anymore. To get rid of items in good condition, you can open up a garage sale. This can at least help you earn some money for the mover’s rental.

Frame up your moving budget and calendar

After decluttering, make a list of the things you will need to bring along when you move house. This inventory can give you an idea of the cost you may need to pay for the mover. Typically, movers charge based on the distance, hourly, or the shipment’s weight. It will be easy to search for a reputable moving company online. You can check for reviews and watch out for any red flags. The next step is to figure all your moving expenses so that you can set aside your moving budget. These include the moving truck rental, post-relocation expenses, and travel expenses. It may be wise to double the amount to have an extra for unexpected costs. Don’t forget that moving during the less busy days of the year can cost a lot more. While during October to April, it’s risky to move with unfavourable weather. So, when you set up your moving calendar, be flexible. Find a rental company near you and then to choose the right type of home moving vehicles for you.

Organise your important documents

Collect and organise all your important papers and records. These include personal, financial, medical, property, and school documents. Ensure that you have completed all the paper works needed for moving. Keep these records with you at all times.

Spread the news about your move out

This is one essential thing most people forget before moving to a new house. It is very important to let the new occupants of your house, your neighbours, bank, employer, family, and friends, etc. know your new address. This can help them forward your mail to your new home. You may also need to update all your documents to a new address. Social media will allow you to send chats, emails, and online messages to easily inform everyone of your new address. 

Switch Subscriptions

Plan your utilities by calling your service providers. Have all your utilities disconnected upon your moving out schedule. Check for cancellation fees. It’s also time to switch subscriptions on your utilities. These include your cable, electricity, gas, internet, and water. Although you can request a provider to transfer your internet connection to your new home, typically, no contract NBN broadband plans keep you stress-free in canceling the services.

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