5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Get into Chatbots ASAP


Unless you are living under a rock, you would know that chatbots have created quite a sensation among businesses. That’s primarily because of a handful of effective benefits that come with it.

Now my question is: Did you implement chatbots in your business to handle various customer-related queries and issues? Or are you still procrastinating?

Well, if you are still procrastinating about implementing bots in your customer service, my suggestion will be to go for it with your eyes closed. Why? Here are a few reasons that might convince you to do so.

1) Chatbots can revolutionize your business process in the best possible way

Chatbots have the potentials to change virtually everything. Like it can bring a huge positive change in your customer interaction process.

Remember that this is just the start. The chatbot technology is still deemed as one in its infancy. Hence, it’s advisable to accustom to this technology ASAP.

The sooner you get used to it, the better you’ll be prepared to face all those changes that are surely going to come in the foreseeable future.

2) Private messaging apps have already beaten social networking platforms

I am definitely not kidding. Currently, we use private messaging apps more than open social networking platforms.Take a look at this graph and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

Now I will urge you to take a peek at your daily life. Don’t you use messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger more than social platforms for official or personal communications? You probably do; don’t you?

There are possibly a host of different reasons for the sudden rise of messaging apps I guess. Maybe we want to keep things private more and more to prevent snooping, social media stalking etc. Or you might say that these days, we are always on the move. Messaging apps are more convenient for communication that the platforms itself.

Whatever it might be; the question is how do businesses cope up with it?

The only solution is “chatbots.”

A chatbot can be integrated into any messaging application such as the Facebook messenger, Skype etc for automatic interactions. Since, more people spend a large chunk of their time on these messaging apps, it can be said that chatbots are more than capable of giving your customers a seamless customer service.

3) Chatbots appear more like humans than machines

Human beings feel more at ease while interacting with another human being. They seldom want to interact with robots.

Chatbots solve this problem to a great extent because they speak the language of humans more than anything. Languages like “sign in”, “log in” etc. appear more mechanical than anything else. Languages like “get on it” have that subtle human touch in it that your customers crave. Chatbots are more than capable of speaking this language.

Chatbots basically are of two types:

  • The unintelligent type (Acts on basis of predefined conversations written specifically by people for the people).
  • Artificially intelligent bots (Implement machine learning to and learn from past experiences).

Whatever you choose among the two up above, it’s going to appear more human that automated messages.

chatbox in action

A chatbot in action.

4) Chatbots provide you with personalization options

Want to give your bot your own identity? Or do you want to give it your own personality accompanied with your business brand’s identity? Whatever it is, you can do it to your chatbot.

Personalization is always open especially when chatbots are concerned.

You can dictate the ways through which your bot interacts with people. Just make sure that your bots speak the language of humans as much as possible.

Like I said before, we do not like to converse in machine languages. Languages like “please,” “hello” etc. accompanied with a little bit of informality put us more at ease. Develop your chatbot in that manner.

5) Chatbots are capable of solving the asymmetry of information flow

A simple example can clear this thing up.

You’ll probably notice that a regular interface provides more information than the actual requirement. Meaning, if any user comes with a certain query the interface will come up with a detailed answer which is probably much more than the requirement. Such an experience is undesirable.

Chatbots solve this matter to a certain extent by engaging in short conversations with the user; finally coming up with the exact amount of information s/he required at the start.

The chatbot technology is definitely one of the hottest tech-tends in this techno-fanatic world of our ours. So what are you waiting for? Get into it ASAP. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.

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