How Technology Is Slowly Killing You?


Technology is something not new to us, and science has made every impossible task possible and comfortable as well. Technological development earlier was not that advanced as compare today, n will grow more in coming years. In fact, our cultural, environmental and other aspects are also linked and turned according to technological advancement. 

There is just no doubt that technology has turned the hardships of everyday life into comfortable and luxuries ways. Despite frequent and casual changes, technology has promptly mobilized our life more rapidly. Everything has its own demerits and merits so is with technology that can impact humans in many ways. It is also a fact that to live without technology now is just not possible we depend on it. The interaction and connectivity of humans with technology is constructive until and unless you are addicted or using it in extreme means. 

In fact, we are well aware of pros and cons but still unconditionally harming our surroundings with blind eyes are leading the planet earth and its species existence in negative consequences. With many adverse effects, let us just further talk adopt the killing deeds of technology on us with reasons and conclusions:

Privacy Concern:

Privacy Concern

The browsers, apps, and websites we use actually tracks our locations. They are great decoders that check our appearance over the Internet, social media platform and also traces our personal information such as, phone number, address and payment account details respectively. People can know where you were currently using the internet and what are you doing. These tracking techniques can also identify the details about your family and friends, your things of interest and much more. Privacy leaking can be dangerous as masterminds and criminals can use it in negative ways to harm you or to blackmail you unnecessarily.

Technological Addiction: 

Excessive use/misuse of anything can turn the things destructive ways and technology is something related to the same pace. Technological advancement is great deeds for luxuries but is addictive in real. People spend a lot more time than required over the internet via their smart, handy gadgets which in reality have adverse consequence. The habit of searching and surfing over the Internet is time taking yet interesting but can create a negative impact on career, goals, and relationships.

Technology Distracts: 

Notifications and regular pings over social platforms and accounts are great distractions, as people keep on checking out for messages, pokes, notifications, etc. Handy gadgets are worth helpful but are great distractive devices that can easily divert you from ongoing task anytime, anywhere.

Great Means To Avoid The Situation:

Great Means To Avoid The Situation

The un-natural interactive mean, “technology” is an excellent way for people to avoid the current situation or conversation. People keep on looking and scrolling up their social media logins over the internet helps them to be safe in the more natural way from the current surroundings. The interaction and eye contact with people around you are more tricky then over the social account with the stranger.

Techno-Human Interaction: 

Have you ever seen people sitting with friends and family in the cafe and are using cell phones, tablets? This action in daily life by most of us is quite common and worse way when hanging out and still busy over the gadget. Walking over the street, eating a meal and shopping in malls but suck over social media, and side texting actually kills the moment of enjoyment with dear ones. The technology was made for humans comfort but now as take over the charge due to the addictive nature of humans.

Technological Dependency: 

To use technological devices on outer locations is safe with some reasons for GPS and mapping as it relays out our last location. When something unfortunate happens, it is the only way for family and friends that can save us. Technological dependency is good but troubleshoots when is excessively used.

Expensivenditure Over Technology:

Expensivenditure Over Technology

To buy advanced gadgets and accessories with the latest versions with massive internet bills can dent up your wallet and budget. These technological advancements are not cheaper yet so don’t get addictive.

Cozy Couch and Laziness: 

With the development of more technological things, people are becoming more lazy and inactive in their life. The physical movement in outdoor locations with family and friends are not the trend of enjoyment but playing online games with them is more interesting. People spend more time while sitting and lying over the couch using technology and are lazy in going out which makes them sicker in both physical and mental health. The disconnection with the outer world and natural surrounding is reciprocated by technological development which is cultivation lazy habits in us.

Negative Impact On Eyes, Mind and Hearing Capabilities: 

No matter we know the advantages of technology, how creative can be our mind with brain exercising games, other things. But the strain over eyes, hearing and mental tiredness are more adverse effects on our health. People are nowadays suing more lenses and glasses or hearing machines than earlier periods with little technology. Even kids are using spectacles and lenses, hearing accessories at a very young age that is the worst ever impact of our own made technology.


Since technology has become an inseparable part of our lives by replacing many things from which, and no less important, is reading books as it significantly reduces the level of vocabulary learning. The technology is trying to offer good websites to manage this problem like the anagram solver.

Harms and Alarms Life Unnecessarily:

Harms and Alarms Life Unnecessarily

Having gadgets all the way around while sleeping or resting can disturb your resting mode. The regular ping sounds of notifications, vibrations of messages actually impact your sound sleep pattern. The episodes of keep on checking social alarms and notification while resting cuts the hours of your health sleep and make you feel more stressful and tired on the next day routine. Bedtime technology should be prohibited as it will harm your health and won’t let you quality sleep. These can be sources of stress, anxiety, depressions, and even mood swings. Technology is good until and unless you are worried about the virtual world of social media as real while resting at least.

Issues and Impact Can Effect Self-Esteem:

Well, tagging, posting and sharing of your gallery photos, videos and thoughts can be often conflicting and argumentative over social media which can somehow touch the self-esteem of yours or other. Funny and giggly moments of social accounts can shuffle into more negative commenting that can lead to abusive arguments among people for no use. This can lead to more depressive and stressful moods and can also foster health and memory in many ways.

Bottom Line:

Technology is slowing killing us, and as being destructive in nature, it is causing unseen harms in various ways to us. The innovations are inherited with dangers that are predominantly harming existence of not only humans but also the natural environment, other species to a great extent.

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