5 Important Website Design Singapore Tips

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In need a checklist of must haves for your website design Singapore project? Use this simple guide to determine if you are all prepared to have your website created.

Choose colours wisely

Colors have had a mental effect on sales long prior to the digital transformation. Comprehending the various kinds of feelings that colours can invoke, you can develop your eCommerce site to match specific vibes and feelings.

Depending upon your item and target audience, you can use colour to invoke specific feelings. For example, if your shop is marketing environmental items or produce, the colour green is going to match the feeling of nature.

According to research studies, it takes about 90 seconds for clients to formalize their viewpoint of an item. And a large amount of that interaction duration– approximately 70%– is set on the colours exclusively. 

Follow expected positions of items

If you were to see numerous ecommerce websites, you would discover that they usually contain numerous typical format components. This is not as a result of web designers being indifferent and duplicating the common style. Rather, it is a function of helping customers to stay clear of becoming confused on your ecommerce store.

An example would be the following placements:

  • Company emblem on the top left or centre
  • Hamburger icon on the top right
  • Add to cart button in a different colour put next to or listed below the item image
  • Several product preview choices
  • Item specs found in line with add to cart button

When your website follows these practices, you help individuals become comfy faster on your website. This subsequently enables them to maneuverer quickly to their intended location.

Clear and stunning photos

There is lots of data to back up the insurance claim that high-quality, appropriate, and aesthetically enticing images aid to increase conversion rates. And we’re not speaking about product pictures solely.

The imagery you use in your overall layout can have a massive effect on captivating customers attention.

A great image instills feeling, creates a sense of identification, and is conveniently recalled. The average person can remember up to 2,000 images with near ideal accuracy.

That being said, products won’t sell unless there are pictures to support the item design. It’s crucial that you as an eCommerce manager do your best to captivate your item’s significance through top notch pictures.

Carry out SEO

The principles of Search Engine Optimization do apply to e-commerce websites as you need to map out your keywords to web pages. Nonetheless, SEO for ecommerce websites brings an extra layer of intricacy. Simply put, with numerous variations of a single item, internet search engine have a hard time to figure out which web page to attribute a keyword to. Therefore, it is very important that you make use of canonical tags to appropriately guide product variants to a single major page.

Use Stripe for payment checkout

The Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce allows you accept payments directly in your store, rather than rerouting clients to the payment portal’s page. WooCommerce stated maintaining clients on your shop’s page during checkout has proven to boost conversion rates.

Stripe is rather simple to set up and there are no setup costs. It lets you approve various kinds of card credit payments in numerous various currencies.

Stripe is not accessible in every country, and WooCommerce integrates with other reputable payment portals.

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