Top 7 Strategies to Create a Conversion Based Website

Conversion Based Website

Do you believe that after creating a website that drives huge traffic, your work is complete? If that’s the case, you ought to think again! All the websites on the internet are designed to serve an objective, that would be sales, sign-ups, subscriptions, generating leads, and more. And this happens only when your site visitors are converting into subscribers/customers. To ensure that all your marketing efforts result in a high conversion rate, you would like to make sure that you simply have a conversion based website. Here we’ll discuss 7 best strategies for developing a high-converting website.

#1. Clever value proposition

The homepage is an important place of your site; this is where you showcase what your business is. Visitors who come to your site should find the acceptable reasons to try to do business with you. Many businesses out there brag about their products or services. So, you would like to differentiate yourself to make a transparent and solid image of your business. Showcase the benefits and why doing business with you is good. Do not use buzzwords or unnecessary words, just define the unique selling points clearly.

#2. Clear call-to-action

On a landing page or webpage, clear and appealing call-to-action adds value thereto . Everything on a call-to-action button from colors, fonts, shape etc matter when designing a call-to-action. If you’ve got Photoshop files of your customized web design, you can get the design converted into a website . It’s necessary to build the button properly. In this way you’ll create excellent CTAs and place them appropriately. You can utilize heat maps to place CTAs on your site. The utilization of catchy texts make your CTAs simpler and arouse a sense of urgency. Properly designed and properly placed call-to-actions are important for maximizing conversion rate.

#3. Don’t use lengthy web forms

According to research, 90% of individuals are happy with web forms that have features like password stretch checker, progress bar, or inline validation. You should add simple, clear, and short web forms to your website that have the minimum number of input fields. Most people like to fill forms that are quick, intuitive, and straightforward to finish . You should utilize the simplest UX design practices to make effective web forms which will yield higher conversions. By adding shorter, simpler, and cleaner web forms on your site, you’ll make the checkout process smoother and easier. And eCommerce portal should also offer a guest checkout choice to remove all obstacles that are faced in filling long forms.

#4. Intuitive navigation

Navigation is considered the backbone of websites that have to be very clear, concise, and intuitive. Avoid confusing elements and untidy menus that have too many options. A consistent flow should be there in menus to offer smooth and pleasing user experience. Just in case a visitor lands on your site and finds it difficult to navigate through varied sections or menus, it’ll end in a negative point of view towards user experience. Thus you ought to make sure that visitors on your website can find where they’re and navigate to other pages. Malformed and poor navigation will increase bounce rates and impact the potential to earn more revenue.

#5. UI/UX design

Navigation is the backbone of a site and UI/UX is its soul. It can break or make a website . If visitors find your site awful and confusing, they’re going to leave your website immediately and would never come back. The UI/UX designers utilize the best practices to build engaging websites that provide a satisfying user experience. You ought to make sure that all UI elements are fully differentiated from one another and are recognizable. These elements should offer features to perform varied actions. Build an easy and intuitive interface and avoid unnecessary elements. Add some common UI elements. Use color and texture strategically on your site and consider using different typefaces. The appearance of a site is a crucial determinant of what reactions visitors will have about your site. You should create an intuitive UI/UX to form an impression on all visitors of your site will boost conversion rate.

#6. Responsive web design

These days mobile phones are indispensable and come in all spheres of human life. The increasing use of mobile phones has necessitated having responsive websites. You shouldn’t miss out on the advantages of mobile-friendly websites. A responsive website looks awesome on all devices be iit a desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet. Every visitor should have the best level of experience on a mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet. By creating a mobile-friendly website that has a pleasant look on different devices will boost conversion.

#7. Make it SEO friendly

Once your site is built and deployed, people can search it and reach it through the internet. The website needs proper optimization for search engines to ensure visibility on the web. Numerous things are involved in making an SEO friendly website. It starts with the web development process adhering to SEO guidelines. Besides this, website content is also crucial in improving the visibility of your website. You can create engaging content having proper keywords to ensure that your site ranks higher on search engine results pages. Other metrics for better SEO ranking include faster-loading speed, responsiveness, website usability, etc.

Wrapping up!

Websites are becoming crucial for businesses. With websites, businesses can market their services and products online. Hence, all small, medium or big businesses are making investments in custom web development services to create websites. But it is not a simple task to create a successful website. To do so businesses need to find the right custom web development company that will help create a high conversion website. Lots of things are there that affect the earning capacity of a website . We discussed 7 key strategies of developing a conversion based website. These strategies will help develop the right site.

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