5 Icebreakers for Team Meetings

Team Meetings

When you have recently hired a few new employees for your business, or when you are trying to boost team morale, you may try an icebreaker game at your next meeting. These games are perfect whether your team is remote or if you meet in a physical office environment. You need to find icebreaker ideas that everyone will enjoy, however, in order to get the most out of them for your team and to achieve the team growth that you are hoping for. Consider the five fun ice breakers below for your next team meeting, no matter the size or location of your team.

1. One-Word

The one-word game is perfect for your remote meeting that uses the best conference call service or for your physical office location, especially if you want to split off in groups. You will ask each individual or each group to think of one word that can describe a certain topic, for instance. This will force everyone to work together, especially if you have your team split up into groups to create the one word. It will also help you in introducing whatever the meeting is about or the values that you hold at your workplace in a fun and exciting way for your employees.

2. Speed Meeting

Speed meeting is similar to speed dating except that you do not want to play matchmaker at your business. You will have around two minutes with each employee, which is perfect for a physical location and with a new team, in which you can talk to them about anything. You can find more out about each other in these two minutes than you can during the casual small talk you may later encounter. This icebreaker will help your team warm up to one another and start to get to know one another so they can be more cohesive.

3. 5 of Anything

When you play five of anything, you will come up with a topic. The topic could be something as humorous as someone’s five favorite flavors of ice cream to something work-related such as someone’s five best memories from work. The goal is to share your five things as quickly as you can during your time and listen to find your teammates who have similar interests as you. Again, this helps to bridge the gaps between teammates and to lift one another up so that one day you can even become partners on the most difficult project.

4. 10 Things in Common

10 things in common are similar to five of anything except that you do not have to come up with the topic. You will go around the room or around the video conference, introducing yourself to each person you are working with. When you meet someone new, however, you have to find at least one thing that you have in common that does not have to do with physical characteristics. You will continue meeting new people until you have found 10 individuals who have something in common with you.

5. Your Favorites

The final icebreaker to use for your next team meeting is called your favorites, and as you can imagine, the discussion is on your employees’ favorite things. You will select one topic at a time, and each employee is able to share their favorites regarding that topic. This is highly customizable so that you can literally come up with any topic that you can think of to get to know your employees better. Try not to bring up religion or politics, however, as this can cause strife and can cause discrimination when it is not necessary.

Final Thoughts

Icebreakers are a wonderful way to bring your team closer together and to introduce new employees to the team in a cohesive manner. You can use any of the options above, but there are so many icebreakers that are available for you to try out on your own. Make sure and encourage your team to have fun so that they can receive the benefits from playing these ice breakers together. This is sure to make your team appreciate you much more too as they will be able to tell that you put thought into bringing them joy

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