4 Eye-Catching Trade Show Booth Ideas

Trade Show

Due to the advent of technology and the rising popularity and use of social media as marketing platforms, people are now debating whether trade shows, exhibitions and conventions are still efficient and effective avenues for brands and businesses to market their products and services. 

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic that affected the entire world in the past two years, people were forced to follow strict guidelines such as staying indoors, avoiding crowded places, practising social distancing measures, etc.

But recently, as more people are vaccinated, gatherings are slowly being allowed but with precautions in line with the regulations set by the government. Recently, there has also been an ease in travel restrictions. Thus gatherings like concerts, exhibitions, and trade shows are starting to thrive. 

Exhibitions have been used for a long time. They are an excellent platform for developing lifelong customer and business relations, so they never go out of essence and style. However, due to technology and humans’ ever-evolving creativity and resourcefulness, the competition between brands and businesses continues to rise. 

Therefore, you need to evolve to stay competitive continuously.

Four Trade Show Ideas You Can Try

If you plan on your next exhibition or trade show, you can check out these ideas to set you apart from the rest. 

Focus on Storytelling

The primary purpose of joining an exhibition is not just to show your products and services. Instead, it is a platform to deliver your business or brand’s message. 

You want visitors to know who you are and what you do and offer in one glance. Therefore, it would be best if you did not rely solely on your sales agents to talk about your brand or business. 

Therefore, you must infuse your brand’s image and personality into the booth’s design. 

Make sure that you create a unique look that is true to your style. 

If you have no idea how to start, you can contact exhibition stands design makers like TecnaUK for professional help and assistance. 

Maximise Your Space

Trade shows and exhibitions are crowded places. There are a lot of businesses vying for the attention of visitors, and it is pretty easy for them to get distracted, especially now when brands, companies and exhibitors can use props and additional elements like lights and smoke machines.

To stand out, make sure to maximise the space given to you. 

So go ahead and use the walls, floor, and ceiling if allowed. Even if you want to maximise the space given to you doesn’t mean that you can add various elements to fill the empty areas.

Make sure to make everything look unified. You can do this by styling your booth based on your company or brand’s image and style. You can add some spice to the booth by mixing and matching the walls’ colour and texture and the floor. You may also choose to suspend banners from the ceiling to maximise the space given entirely.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that the entire design or style will look cohesive from all perspectives. 

Be Interactive

Create more engagement with your potential clients and customers by being interactive. Your booth’s layout and elements must make people feel welcome, and it should guide them to make a final decision.

You may also provide additional features that they may like and use, such as charging stations, quick quizzes with prizes, freebies and more. 

Make sure to use the opportunity to connect and build rapport by mingling with visitors, asking questions and offering product demos. 

Give Out Freebies

No one in this world does not like freebies, and giving them has been used in marketing as an old-age tradition. However, if you want to be more competitive and be set apart from other brands and businesses, you have to avoid giving the usual pens and paperweights.

Instead, give freebies that will provide value to your potential customers and clients. For example, you may give out reusable water bottles, well-designed wallets, umbrellas and more. 

Final Thoughts

Showcasing your superior products and services in exhibitions, trade shows, and fairs are essential to your business or brand’s success. However, incorporating the four ideas listed above will further help increase your brand’s image and customer engagement.

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