10 Powerful Trends in Business Card Design 2019

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Taking care of the modern look of your business card, you take care of your own reputation. Because of the fashionable design, corresponding to the latest global trends shows the target audience your progressive view of the business and the desire to be a step ahead. In this article, we will tell you about the main trends in business card design in 2019 and show you examples of the 10 most powerful designs.

1. Minimalistic design

Minimal decor and only the necessary information – that’s what is valued in the modern design of business cards. Simple lines, which are clear and pleasant for first glance, as well as minimalistic colors are welcome.

2. Thinness

One of the most memorable trends in the design of business cards in 2019 – the thickness of the material. The smaller it is, the better and more modern it is. Therefore, feel free to give up the usual heavy paper and print business cards on 0.4 mm thick plastic.

3. Huge fonts

In fashion, just huge fonts that will fill the entire space of the business card from edge to edge. This trend allows you to focus the attention of the target audience on the most important things. And the huge font is your loud statement that you are a leader in your field. Because shading is a habit of humble people, and modesty is not characteristic of leaders. There are some free mockups with this trending feature.

4. The similarity to the site

In the trend today, business cards that fully repeat the style of the website. Make the same design, and then the target audience will recognize the brand at a glance. This trend will become more and more popular, given that we spend almost all our lives on the Internet.

5. Cutting out

Cut-away business cards are at their peak, and this trend continues to gain momentum. Cutting out gives more freedom of imagination and allows you to embody the most daring design ideas. Such cut-aways always look interesting, that’s why they attract customers’ attention with their originality and stand out among the competitors. In addition, with the help of felling can make the image more voluminous, and the form – unusual.

6. Colored edges

It’s a very cool trend that will make any business card super stylish. More often it is used on business cards of neutral shades to give them a highlight, originality, and brightness. Such cards look spectacular, so immediately attract the attention of the target audience.

7. Non-standard materials

A business card is capable not only of communicating information but also of conveying taste, aroma and tactile sensations. So the designers decided and came up with a new amazing trend – to use for printing not only paper but actually any material or object on which you can print. It can be anything: wood, plastic, cardboard, rubber, fabric, metal and even cookies or pastries. Tactile sensations are much harder to forget than any name or phone number, so this trend is doomed to success.

8. Geometry everywhere

Geometric patterns have recently become very popular because they are very pleasant and attractive for visual perception. Use geometric abstraction as a demonstration of your company’s creativity and love of innovation.

9. Interactivity

This is a brand new trend that all businessmen will definitely love. Interactive business cards are much better remembered by people because during the learning and understanding of the main design chip, his attention is maximally concentrated. Place various entertaining things on your business card, for example, a puzzle, opening doors or windows, mobile elements, etc.

10. Branded element

Feel free to place on your business card a branded element of your company – it will attract the attention of the audience and increase brand awareness. Use a branded color scheme, logo, image or just a stroke.

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