How to Use AI in Digital Marketing: Simple Guide

AI in Digital Marketing

It is no more a secret that AI has incredibly changed the way businesses used to work and function. With the emergence of many AI tools in the market, the working efficiency and speed for companies have greatly increased.

AI has entered most of the booming industries, from IT to education, making a significant impact with its advantages in terms of data and insights. But if we have to choose an industry that has the highest influence of AI, it has to be digital marketing.

From content creation to analyzing customer experience, AI has been effectively helping marketing agencies to make the best use of strategies. Being a digital marketing agency in Kuwait, if you are not incorporating AI, you are missing out on a bundle of great ideas that are extracted from valuable user data and analytics.

Artificial intelligence offers personalized and data-driven suggestions to improvise marketing approach. This blog will guide you on how to use AI in digital marketing along with the best tools available.

What is AI and Why to Use AI in Digital Marketing?

AI in marketing involves adapting artificial intelligence to automate tasks such as researching, planning and executing strategies. AI tools scan the available data online and provide content or information based on user insights.

It provides agencies with improved efficiency, cost savings and exponential marketing performance. AI can help marketers to speed up their work without compromising on quality in all domains ranging from design and SEO to content marketing.

Although AI is effective, it cannot replace human efforts. The right prompts are required to get the desired outcome and only a specialist in the field can do so.

Ways to Use AI in Digital Marketing

To begin with, you can consider the following ways in which you can use AI in digital marketing,

Data Analytics

There is a vast amount of data available online for everything going around. If you are a marketer, all this content available on different sources can make you feel intimidated. It takes a lot of time to research and analyze the proper information on the topic you are looking for and even more time to graph down the insights.

AI can sort it all out for you as it can process the available data within seconds and identify the ongoing trends and user behavior. With the insights and analytics provided, it becomes easy for you to plan campaigns and strategies and make calculated decisions.

Content Creation

Creating content consists of writing, designing and creating videos and images. It is the most crucial part of any marketing approach. Brainstorming for content ideas and research can take most of the creators’ time, and they are left with the least time for execution.

Being a digital marketer, you can use AI to generate ideas for you or create an outline for the content. It can allow you the time to write informational and valuable content for your customers. AI in marketing can even help with creating images, audio and video.

Personalized Ad Campaigns

No same strategy works for two different companies. Preparing a new strategy from scratch every time you plan for a new ad campaign can be time-consuming. It can also increase the cost of the project for which the team is working.

With the help of AI tools, this entire process can be optimized. Based on the requirements and objectives of your client, artificial intelligence will help you analyze the data and insights of the specific business. These analytics will help you make informed decisions for the strategies you can follow for efficient results for your client’s project.

Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective approaches to convert fresh leads. But it is also the most tedious work as it requires entering every lead email id separately. If you want to email personalized pitch for each lead, then you have to customize each email and then send. It is not just time taking but also increases the chances of errors.

AI email marketing tools can simplify the process for you and allow you to send bulk messages. It also lets you send personalized emails to each of your leads.

Improving Customer Experience

When it comes to marketing, the customer is the king. Understanding what they want, and in which form they want, is essential to increase the conversion rate. If you are providing content relevant to the business that does not align with users’ expectation, it won’t give any output.

Each and every action of customers can be identified with the help of AI. It allows you to modify your content strategy which helps improve the customer experience.

Best AI Marketing Tools

Here is a list of a few AI tools that can help you streamline the marketing process for your clients,


A chatbot and virtual assistant that eases and streamlines the process of content creation.


An AI tool that offers content creation with efficient data and even provides suggestions on which part of the content to verify for credibility.


It is a cloud-based typing assistant that reviews spelling, punctuation marks, grammar and clarity of the content written in English. Its advanced version also checks for plagiarism.

Surfer SEO

With inbuilt AI, this tool analyzes keyword density, content flow and word usage and provides data-driven SEO suggestions.

Jasper AI, Inc.

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that can be used for generating high-quality with complete efficiency.

This AI tool helps in automating email marketing. You can generate and send bulk emails that are personalized based on your outlines.


This tool is used for keyword research, site audits, backlink tracking and other SEO functions.


Changing with times is a significant necessity to stay in the market competition. With artificial intelligence making its place in the marketing industry, it has become important for agencies to take advantage.

AI in marketing has transformed the entire scenario for marketers. It has provided them with lots of possibilities and opportunities that can be explored in a different way. Increased efficiency allows them to alter and experiment with strategies from time to time and provide clients with the best marketing results.

In this blog, we have covered everything from what is AI used for to how to use AI in digital marketing. If you are digital marketing agency in Kuwait, this guide can help you implement AI in your marketing venture.

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