How To Find the Best Machine Transcription Equipment for Your Startup Needs

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A startup using videos to present its products needs transcription tools. Prospects appreciate videos where they can easily understand the benefits of your products or services. It is easy to put your message across, especially now that people’s attention is shorter. If you are still new with all these, you might wonder which equipment is worth buying. First, let me tell you about the essential transcription equipment you definitely should buy. 

PC / Laptop

Surprise! Of course, you cannot transcribe when you do not have a PC or a laptop to begin with. So you must be wondering which desktop PCs and laptops are most applicable for transcribing. 

The fact is, you do not need to have fancy specs on your PC. you just have to buy a simple and efficient computer to use. However, most people prefer Windows over Mac because some transcription software does not work on Mac. Therefore, to ensure that your chosen software or equipment for transcribing is compatible with your desktop, it is safe to select Windows as your operating system. 


A headset is another essential piece of equipment in transcribing. Again, this is a tool that you are going to use very frequently. As often as you need it, you would want to have the best headphones that you’ll use for long hours. Do not underestimate the struggle of choosing the right headset. Many get overwhelmed when shopping for one.

Consider buying a headphone that has an ergonomic design to provide comfort during use. You will surely enjoy transcribing when you are comfortable using your equipment. Here are some types of headphones, so you have an overview of the comparison. 

Over-the-ear headphones

These headphones tend to be one of the most comfortable headphones in the market. They also often have a noise-cancellation feature that will make you achieve accurate outcomes when transcribing. For most people, these types of headphones are the best ones. Over-the-ear headphones can be used for a long time, providing the best results in transcribing.

In-ear headphones

In-ear headphones are sleek and simple in style. However, using this type of headphones for an extended time can be uncomfortable. Therefore, these types of headsets are only efficient for short periods and when you are traveling. 

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are handy. That is why some people prefer these headphones. These headphones are fantastic as you would not deal with long wires while transcribing. 

However, wireless headphones are more expensive than wired headphones. They are also not as accurate as wired headphones. Thus, these headphones can alter your accuracy in transcribing. The headphones can do what they are built for, but it is better to buy comfortable and accurate headphones in one go. 

Foot Pedal

This equipment is vital to transcribing your script. It improves your transcription speed if you have a lot of videos or audio to transcribe. A foot pedal also allows you to rewind, fast forward, and review your work. 

This tool allows you to control the audio with your foot to free your hands.  You can then focus on typing the words. Some software also allows you to work with Microsoft Word while transcribing. This is an efficient way to finish your work faster and accurately. 

Here are some foot pedals you might want to consider before buying. 

AltoEdge USB

This foot pedal is very convenient and easy to use. AltoEdge USB has a USB port that makes it compatible with most desktop computers. AltoEdge USB  is also compatible with both Mac and Windows. If you are using Express Scribe as your transcription software, this foot pedal is perfect for you. This foot pedal gives you the typical audio control like play, pause, rewind and fast-forward.

Philips ACC2330

This foot pedal came from a very famous manufacturer. As Philips is a known brand, its transcription devices are also made with the best equipment. This foot pedal also has a built-in USB port, so you just have to plug it in to use it. 

Philips ACC2330 also works with both Mac and Windows. One of the best features of this foot pedal is that you do not need to have separate software for this foot pedal to work when you are using Windows. Philips ACC2330 is truly a plug-and-play device. However, if you want to use a third-party software, it will still work smoothly. In addition, if you are using Mac as your operating system, you will need Philips SpeechExec for your Mac software. 

Also, this foot pedal is waterproof. So you do not need to worry if you accidentally spill your drink on your foot pedal. Philips claims that this foot pedal was designed ergonomically to provide the best comfort to its users.

This foot pedal from Philips only has four buttons making it easy to navigate. The pedal also has an anti-slip surface making it perfect to use on any type of flooring. So whether you are barefoot or wearing a rubber-type of shoes, this foot pedal will work perfectly. 

Infinity IN-USB-2

This infinity foot pedal from VEC Electronics is probably one of the most famous foot pedals that transcribers use. This foot pedal only has three buttons, making it comfortable to use even in long periods. It also has an anti-slip backing that stays in place no matter how you use it. 

The foot pedal has a close-to-the-floor effect that you will surely appreciate once you start using it. Its buttons are designed to the side for easy pivoting. And its sleek design makes it unique from other foot pedals, which are chunky and thick in size.

Transcribers prefer the infinity foot pedal for its reliability and compatibility with most transcription software such as the FTW Transcriber, InqScribe, and many more. Many transcription companies also use this as one of the necessary transcription machines. You are assured that this is at the top of the minds of professionals. 

You also do not have to worry about which software you would use if you choose this foot pedal. There is no need for any software installation with Infinity IN-USB-2. You simply have to plug it in and start transcribing. 

As a startup, it is vital to use videos and clips to introduce your products and services. But wouldn’t it make your videos more inclusive and informative with transcriptions. In addition to people with hearing disabilities, transcribed videos are also loved among many who prefer to have low audio in a quiet environment.

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