10 Exciting Home Decor Items To Transform Your Home

Home Decor

Ah! Those drab walls surrounding you and dull ceilings over your head with the empty tables, nightstands, and unnoticed corners invoke a weird feeling to live there in the house. So get ready to tighten your belts because it is the makeover time for your home sweet home.

For decorating your dream house, we require home decor items that make the interior go from drab to surreal. Picking up the right home decor items can be fatiguing, but with us as your guide, you can be assured of remaining strain-free. Yes, it’s an easy guide to follow and interesting too.

Stylish Table Lamps

Table lamps are among the home decor items that glow up the space with soft lighting. They will surely not brighten up your whole room space but will add a charming element to the room’s aesthetics. These lamps are your perfect partner standing on the nightstands, providing enough lighting to enjoy your book-reading experience at night.

Kesar Table Lamp is a stylish table lamp made of glass with a round base. It will blend well with the contemporary home-style decor and has unique floral prints on the lampshade that will add vibrance to the room.


  • Hollow cylindrical glass
  • Sturdy base

Unique Flower Vase

Whether happy or sad, looking at those blooming buds is a joy forever. The flowers in the home are known to bring colors into our lives. So, sprucing up your place with them is a beautiful step. To arrange the flowers appealingly, a flower vase helps us. There are different kinds of flowers, from long to short and from square to round in shape, that you can add on the tables or in the corners and enjoy a positive environment.

Place this unique Quinn Plum Glass Vase flower vase into your room and add vibrance to your home. This is a sleek and stylish contemporary flower vase in plum color that can be placed on the tables and nightstands for a beautiful view.


  • Crafted of mouth-blown glass
  • Slanting upper edge

Eye-Appealing Cushion Covers

What do we look for while sitting on the sofa to relax? Yes, the comfy and cozy cushions can help us unwind with their soft texture while supporting our backs.

When covered with decorative cushion covers of vivid, bold patterns and designs in vibrant and subtle hues, these cushions add glory to the room. You can either put them together on one side of the sofa or arrange them for a unique look according to your taste and the room’s tone.

Meerkat Printed Cushion Cover is a beautiful cushion cover in punch color made of cotton fabric and square in shape. The striped pink background contrasts nicely with the green-colored motifs. Place it on the sofa or chair and make a remarkable presence.


  • Soft-textured
  • Pressure relief

Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are our friend in silence. We love standing in front of it and sometimes talking while looking into the mirror. Their distinctive and incredible shapes and styles have led them to be enchanting home decor items. They create an illusion of more space in the room and beautify the room’s environment. They can be in different shapes, from round to square to rectangle. It is great to place them above the tables and near the plants as then it will make the room appear more attractive.

A Gangaur Wall Mirror is a vertical-shaped ornate mirror that can be mounted easily on the wall. It is made of glass and gold-colored metal and will serve the classical home decor style. Its ornate curved edges in gold color add more charm to its beauty.


  • Wall mounted
  • Attached bowl to place lamps

Bold Round Rugs

Round rugs are designer rugs to add to the rooms that look pretty chic wherever placed. The round shape of the rugs takes the least space and accentuates the furniture of the room. You can choose among the varieties like wool, silk, jute, cotton, sisal, or bamboo for your place. They are made from different techniques like handwoven and hand-knotted, and you can place the ones that fulfill your needs and demands.

Oslo Carpet is a subtly shaded rug with small spots that can be placed anywhere from bedroom to kitchen. This serves a modern home style and is made using wool and bamboo silk with hand tufting.


  • Low pile rug
  • Eco-friendly

Globe As Decorative Accents

The globe is the spherical representation of Earth and is also known as the model of Earth. These ideal decorative accents add color and elements to the room.

Although you can place them on nightstands and central tables, the best idea would be to put them on the working desks in your personal area, as that would make a great addition to your workplace at home.

White Atlas World Globe is a sophisticated globe in white color that will grace your writing desk and add a decorative element to the bedroom.


  • Metal stand
  • White-colored

Timeless Decor Unique Wall Clocks

Time is indeed more precious than money. So, investing in unique wall clocks at your home will keep you on track with time and add a decorative element to your home. Go for a retro wall clock if you love vintage charm, or add the contemporary wall clock if your home interiors are made to be modern-styled.

Harper round wall clock is a beautiful iron piece with an antique appearance. The rounded border is enclosed with iron Roman numerals with an antique finish.


  • Wall mounted
  • Key holder at the back

Decorative Tray

Whether you want to serve beverages to your guests or set the cutlery on the dining table, the trays are the handy option that best fits this purpose. But the decorative tray is more than that. These have decorative elements in them in different finishes like gold and silver and are ideal to be placed in cabinets, racks, and tables to display the decor items in them, like sculptures, bookends, or planters.

Butterfly Gold Tray is the perfect definition of a beautiful tray that you need to add to your home. This butterfly-shaped serving tray is attractive in its glossy golden color, handcrafted in aluminum material.


  • Majestic flair
  • Butterfly shape tray

Statement Piece Of Wall Art Decor

The drab walls of a room give the dull vibes, and a fantastic addition to the wall art decor is an option to provide them with a fab look. These prints on frames or canvases add a vibrant tone to the walls. In addition to this, they also come in colorful iron shapes in various styles and designs, like that of trees and flowers.

Place together the epitome of beauty Luxe Me Lotus Mirror Brass adorned in golden color on your wall and grace it. The lotus flowers are handcrafted from beaten brass or aluminum to provide an organic visual appeal.


  • Lacquered
  • Mirrors in the center

Cozy Throw Blankets

If you love to snuggle while watching the movies or want to carry a lightweight drape that keeps you warm on long journeys, then you must choose to throw blankets. These keep you warm and can add an elegant touch to the furniture when put on the room’s couches, sofas, and chairs.

If you want to snuggle up, get into this warm and cozy Tartan Throws for couch. This is perfect for draping an armchair and putting on the bed while you can always carry it on your trips for a comfortable feel.


  • Cool and luxurious
  • Thin blanket for summer


Now, we have reached our destination, where we have got to know every pretty home decor item. From flower vases to throw blankets, we have covered every decor piece that you can inculcate in your home’s interior design. These items are restricted to the living rooms and bedrooms and can be placed in almost any area of your home. The interiors of your home should speak of your creativity. So choose wisely and demand the best. If you wish to look for more variety, then visit here at Arcedior.

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