Women’s Footwear Guide For Every Indian Woman

Womens Footwear Guide

Women are biologically blessed to have a keen sense of fashion when it comes to choosing a dress or makeup, but when it comes to shoes, a few still find it challenging. Fashion gurus suggest that this confusion is primarily because girls are still not aware of the plethora of footwear that is available for them to choose from.

Well, we have just the right information for you. In this ultimate women’s footwear guide, we will help you to pick the right shoes for your wardrobe.

Types of Shoes every girl must have 

Ballerina Shoes/Bellies

Also known as ballerina flats, these shoes are commonly known as bellies among the Indian diaspora. Their characteristic design is closed-toes that are either slightly pointed to U shape. Most women consider ballerina shoes as a blessing because they go well with almost any dress. Partying in a floral gown, pair it with bellies. Wearing solid coloured tops, no problem bellies are your friend. Going bold with printed attire, don’t worry, a nice pair of bellies got your back.

Availability is so infinite shaped and patterns make them perfect for your college, office or shopping. Just get one for your wardrobe. We recommend experimenting with neon shades during summers.


We love sandals not because most women’s footwear offers are on sandals but because they are the summer staple. The good old strappy sandals can be paired with any imaginable dress, even sarees and they provide the comfort of a slipper and style of high heels. Sandals are available in such high variations that you can have one for every occasion. From simple to decorative to bolder embellished ones, you will find just the appropriate sandals for every occasion.

For summers, a pair of strappy sandals will go perfectly well with pom poms. If you need some extra vibrancy, you need to have sandals.

Loafers & Slip-Ons

Loafers became an instant hit when they were first introduced because of the comfort factor and style they radiate. Slip-on is no different; from my experience, I can dare to flaunt the right pair of loafers from boardrooms to bars. I love to pair my loafers with short shirts as they come pretty along the contours of my feet. I would suggest you pick browns and nudes that have minimal detailing if you are choosing slip-ons to go with office wear.

If you want to elevate your outfits’ look, go for loafers with tassels or studs. For slip-on, I suggest fabric material for a classy casual look.


A type of super high heels, Stilettos is not advisable for all girls as they not a fit for all body types. This exotic footwear can go as high as 8-10 inches. If you are looking for the right footwear to go with your party dress, stilettos are your safest bet. They are ideal for special events and occasions, but it might take you a bit of practice to be able to walk in stilettos confidently.

The metallic studded stilettos are widely popular these days that can be bought online too. Don’t forget to use Flipkart coupons as the statement stilettos tend to be a little expensive.

Kitten Heels

Any heel lower than 2-inches, whether long or narrow, is by default a kitten heel. If you have a thick body structure or you find it hard to balance yourself or walk more confidently in high heels or stilettos, then you are going to like kitten heels as they give you the same form to your ankles pushing your pelvis and back up a straight curve without being uncomfortable. I will wear kitten heels on dates, to the office or go shopping in them on any day.

As a stiletto pro, I strongly recommend you to start with kitten heels and make your way up to those devilishly sexy pair of glamour.


You might know them as the ‘court shoes.’ Pumps have been around since the golden era of Hollywood and continue to dominate in women’s footwear industry as the timeless classics. They are a kind of a shoe with pointy taper front with heels. I prefer pumps mostly for formal wear as no other footwear can represent you as a confident woman you are. If you still don’t have the classic black pumps in your wardrobe, then go get one.


I can cheat on my other footwear with sneakers on any day. If you are a millennial, you know how uptown it looks to pair a nice pair of sneakers with almost everything. These soft shoes with flexible soles are just an ornament for your feet. Pants, miniskirts or dresses, you can wear a pair of sneakers with any outfit and instantly look fashionable.

If you are yet to experiment with stylish sneakers I recommend, there has never been a better time.

What do you think? 

I hope my women’s footwear basic guide will put you on the track to pick the best footwear for your needs, depending on the occasion, budget and the dress. 

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