Experiencing an Aran Islands Tour

Aran Islands Tour

The popular yet isolated Aran Islands Tour is made up of three tiny rugged lands that keeps a lot of Irish culture at a glance. Organizing your own experience of the Aran Islands can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the prerequisites of the visit. This is why contacting Galway Tour Company for better preparations is a better idea.

The three islands comprise of the Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer that stretch approximately 30 miles apart. The Inishmore is the largest of all and easiest to access from Galway. Most tourist alight from the ferries at the Island’s village town Kilronan where they then proceed with their transport arrangements around the Island.

The island has horse-drawn buggies, minivans, and bicycle rental shops that form a good form of transport within the Island. The islands are home to various geological sights, and various interesting activities tourists can engage in. Some of the things to experience when in the Aran Islands during your tour include;

Dun Aonghasa

The Dun Aonghasa is a game of thrones- like stone fort that can be seen at the sheer cliff edge at the centre of the rural Inishmore. The triple wall that dates back to 3000 years defines the cliff. The highland stands long and high enough that nothing seems to have changed even after the approximately 100-meter fall into the sea due to erosion. The sights incredible sight should probably be your sole reason for taking a trip to the Aran Islands.

Seaweed Picking

There are several traditional Irish cuisines are found in the Aran Islands. The fashion for seaweed hasn’t dropped and is actually grown in this Island. For a memorable experience, you should join the locals for some strolls around the beach as they pick some of the best-growing seaweeds. You can even visit the Seaweed restaurant to have enough of this delicacy.

Kilronan Fishing Village

Fishing is another great experience you can get from this Island. The Kilronan fishing village is Aran’s transportation hub that welcomes ferries from Doolin and Galway. It is also a hotspot, housing the Island’s only ATM. You may want to spend some days of your tour in this village, fishing and enjoying fresh fish meat.

Kilronan Fishing Village

The Seven Churches

History enthusiasts and lovers will find this spot very exciting. If you are looking to feed and boost your historical knowledge, make sure that your Aran Island experience itinerary has the Seven Churches in it. In this region, you will be walking in the 13th-century churches. These structures were once the biggest monastic foundation in the western Ireland coast.

Though still referred to as the Seven Churches, there are only two remaining stands that represent the initial historical churches. From the site, you will see the astonishing remains of fragmented crosses and potential beds.

Worm Hole

Some distance from the Dun Aonghasa is the Worm Hole that encompasses a naturally made swimming pool, which has become one of the Aran Islands icons. This rectangular-shaped gap is found between cliffs and fill up during high tides. If you are lucky enough to visit during warm seasons, you will certainly enjoy a memorable swimming experience.

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