How To Fix Kindle Frozen Screen Error

Kindle Frozen Screen

Just suppose that you are enjoying the movie or reading a book on a cool Saturday afternoon and suddenly your kindle fire is frozen? Did you do anything wrong? Was it your fault? Well, maybe or maybe not? But the level of frustrations can be expected from anyone out there.

What are the reasons that you have to face this issue? What are the steps that you need to take in order to resolve it? Well, today we are going to discuss all the points that are responsible for this issue and the ways through which you will be able to fix the issue.

There are some of the users who might be able to resolve the issue in a few minutes. There are going to be people who might not have any idea about this issue. Well, what they can do is understand the issue and read the following points that will be mentioned below.

We are going to discuss the steps through which you will be able to avoid all the future freezes and if there will be, then you will be able to solve it easily.

Here are the steps that can help you fix the kindle frozen screen:

Reset the Kindle:

There will come a time that after your kindle freezes, it is going to become unresponsive. The reset is going to force the device to restart in order to resolve the issue. This is just like the process in a computer, where when you restart your device, it is going to close all the running operations.

You are going to find your device on the homepage after it restarts. If you want to reset your kindle, then you press the power button for at least 30 seconds, and after that, you can release the switch. The restart screen is going to appear on the kindle and you will see that the device will unfreeze. If you do not see your device fixed, you can try on the next step.

Charging the Kindle:

When you see that your kindle has a low battery, there are chances that it is going to freeze, now and then. The low battery is very responsible for locking up the kindle. So you need to make sure that you connect your device to the power as soon as possible.

Make sure that you are charging your kindle for approximately three to four minutes before you are touching your device again. When you see that your kindle has been charged, then to reset the device. Press and hold the button until the device restarts. This will help you fix the issue. If you see that the device is not fixed, then move to the next step.

Updating the software:

You may see the kindle frozen screen when you are not updating your device regularly. If you are not sure whether your device is using the latest software or not, then visit the official website of Amazon to see what is the latest update that is out.

Similarly, you can see the version of the software that your device is using in the settings menu. Make sure that there is no update option there. If there is, then click on the option to update the device to the latest version. After that restart the device.

You are going to see that the issue will be resolved.

A final thought:

These are some of the troubleshooting steps that you need to follow when you are facing the issues where your kindle is frozen. Make sure that you are following these steps as written to fix the issue. If you are still not able to fix it, then get in touch with the official customer support.

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