What you need to know about the new slimming and body-shaping treatment

body shaping

Our bodies are the most beautiful accessories we could ever wear. Although you may not change everything you would wish, thanks to innovative technology, you can always do away with some excess fat or some cellulite here and there to compliment your physique.

Studies show that 4 in every 10 Singaporeans are overweight. It also so happens that most of those facing countless weight problems are women. This issue poses an even greater risk of health problems associated with excess weight. Studies have shown that a waist size above 80cm puts you at risk of heart disease, and excess fats on your hips could be the reason for a depreciating memory. Additionally, too much fat on your thighs makes it easier to get cellulite.

The facts may be worrying; nevertheless, many solutions help you stay in shape without breaking a sweat in the gym. Thanks to the latest fat-burning and body-shaping technologies, It is possible to fix your problem areas. Part of the solution includes a target-oriented formula that deals with the main culprit-triglyceride.

Essentially, the formula works by;

  • Breaking down triglyceride- the formula has a small molecular size equivalent to 0.01% of the human cell. It is engineered to penetrate the skin quickly and reach the fat cell allowing It to break down the triglyceride into water, glycerol, and energy.
  • Burning triglyceride- the formula remains at work for up to 12 hours to burn the existing triglyceride and hinder the formation of new molecules.
  • Discharging triglyceride- the formula also boosts the body’s metabolism, shrinks the fat cells, and efficiently expels the broken down triglyceride in the form of water and energy.

Who needs slimming technology?

It is not hard to see that a significant population of women is not happy with their weight. Aside from the health issues, this dissatisfaction leads to insecurities, consequently negatively affecting the quality of life. However, several Dorra products and services are geared towards reducing these effects. The problems often result from lifestyle issues, thus needing this excellent solution. Some of the qualifiers for the treatment include;

1. Postnatal weight

For most women getting back into shape after giving birth is an uphill task. It is pretty normal to gain a few pounds, accompanied mainly by wider hips, heavier thighs, a saggy tummy, and stretch marks in several body parts. The first step to taking the control back into your hands is taking up the treatment.

2. Nutritional weight gain

This type of weight gain is mainly attributed to poor lifestyle habits. Staying away from greasy fast foods, your favorite beverage, may not be easy but is certainly not suitable for your shape. Other people that may fall under this category include stress or emotional eaters, couch potatoes, or even those who do not get enough sleep.


3. Middle-aged weight gain

It is not unusual to put on a little extra weight as you become older. It is especially evident when a woman approaches menopause. Typically, the body’s metabolism drops by 5% every time we are alive, thus slowing down the fat-burning process. Some of the factors that may make it harder to lose weight as you age include hormonal changes, genetic issues, loss of muscle mass, and lifestyle changes.

4. Cellulite

In a nutshell, cellulite is the occurrence of dimples and lumps, primarily noticeable on thighs and buttocks. It mainly occurs when fat deposits are forced against connective tissues. Cellulite can be caused by slow metabolism, hormonal changes, dehydration, poor diet-eating food rich in fats, carbohydrates, and salt but low in fiber.

5. Genetic Obesity

Several reports have shown that approximately 42% of Southeast Asians are predisposed to genetic obesity, and automatically the problems that come with It. Genetic obesity may be inevitable but worse by lack of physical activity and poor diet habits.

6. Water Retention

Water retention is fluid accumulation in the circulatory system and body tissues. The build-up may result from a poor diet, reduced physical activity, contraception, and pregnancy.

The issues mentioned above are just some of the slimming and body shaping technology. In addition to the formula, visit a professional center such as Dorra slimming shop to get Dora products and servicesthat guarantee essential services such as body-fat analysis, practical and customized solutions, and the desired results within the shortest time possible.

Those that have tried the treatment can attest to instant results from the intense fat burning, slimming, and detox treatment. A session should last between 20 to 40 minutes with up to 5cm results in 90 minutes. With this information on your figure tips, It is time to take a step towards reaching your body goals.

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