Wearable Technology: Solution for all our personal safety needs

Wearable Technology

Individuals have never felt safe anywhere in the globe because of various incidents that happen, wherein their personal safety has been threatened. Technology has advanced and personal safety is something that really needs to be looked at. A person feels disappointed when they cannot call for help amidst a serious situation.

Mobile has changed the way we communicate with each other but is still not effective in emergency situations when we are unable to send signals if we are in danger. Wearable app developers seem to be targeting wearable devices to help you connect to contacts easily in case of any life-threatening situation.

The most fascinating thing about wearable device is that it can be utilized in dual purpose. Firstly, you can wear it as a jewellery item like ring, watch, or in the form of other wearables and secondly it can be used as device to perform a specific task.

“Wearable technology is a very powerful technological development that can lead to increased personal safety measures available for individuals at a basic level.”

Gauges by Statista proposes that the worldwide market incentive for wearable innovation will cross £4 billion by 2018. Significant organizations like Apple, Samsung and Google all have their very own variants of wearable innovation promptly accessible. This seems to be the era of new technologies being accepted by the users with changing times.

Although many mobile apps have already been developed which help people notify friends and family during emergencies but companies are trying to connect mobile app to wearable devices to make it even easier for them to call for help. This is also something that would really help individuals in dangerous situations.

Wearables can now be introduced in providing safety and that would change their market altogether. Health is also included in personal safety because if someone suffers from a heart attack or meets with an accident then their lives are at risk and wearables can be of assistance during such medical emergencies then it would be of maximum benefit. 

“In recent times, the web has been increasing progressions in wearable innovation over the most recent couple of years. These days we see them wherever as smart watches, gems, glasses and computer generated reality headsets.”

In Battle Field

If this is successful, it will be exceptionally valuable for men in armed forces. They can utilize this gadget to send ready messages at any point, in case of a war like circumstance. Sometimes it so happens that military men, in front line are not ready to convey and share their exact area to their contacts as they do not wish to trouble their family members. Nonetheless, when army men are trapped in any dangerous circumstance they can without much of a struggle send message alarms and can share a safe area nearby using the device.

In Traveling

We frequently travel alone and can meet with unforeseen mishaps while in transit where we are incapable of figuring out how to make a call. During such circumstances this gadget can be of extraordinary assistance to the clients as by simply pressing a button one can notify your loved ones that they are in need of help. This would assist solo/female travellers to freely travel even in remote areas while their dear ones can be notified with real time location updates.

Better Parenting

Guardians/Parents need to leave their wards/kids at home. In this circumstance, this gadget can be very useful as it can assist them in observing them from anywhere, anytime. This can allow parents to ensure the safety of their kids without worrying a lot. Further, it trains kids to learn to stay alone and that benefits working parents as well.

Ladies’ Safety

In various nations, security for ladies is of primary concern. Traveling alone isn’t considered safe for them. Females have felt unsafe at multiple occasions and such gadget can be extremely useful to them. In perilous circumstances they can use such gadgets to send alarms to their friends and family. This can bring about a significant change in terms of personal safety as it would mean that individuals can now move around feeling safe than ever before.

In recent years, advances in wearable technology have taken safety management in new directions. With sensors or wearables embedded in daily use gadgets one can gain a great deal of information about an individual throughout the day and be alert to track if anything happens. A variety of new systems have recently been introduced in the market, and while they should not be seen as a silver bullet, wearable devices offer innovative ways to improve safety in individual’s lives. We can see that wearables can be the solution to all personal safety problems individuals have been facing over the years. Technological advancements are beneficial only when wearables can protect and provide security to a person effortlessly.


The reason for making this gadget is to simplify the method of correspondence by means of sending alarms and consequently eliminating the need to discover and use your mobile device to call for help. In case of a crisis situation, just snap any Button on the device to convey a message to the people from your contact list the ones who you confide in. There are numerous organizations that are dealing with different solutions to improve the strategy of sending quick alerts or sharing important information like location details in any basic circumstance. This gadget can be useful to buyers from various points of view.

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