What is the Best Hartford Gold IRA Plan for You?

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The nineteen ninety-seven film A Very Brady Sequel follows the story of the fictional Brady Bunch as a man appears at their front door and claims to be Carol Brady’s long lost adventurer husband.

There is tension between Mike Brady and Carol’s so-called former husband, Roy. At one point, the two men square off with competing Latin sayings.

Roy’s is impressive. “Like I always say, veni vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered.” He stands back with a smug look on his face. He’s sure he’s dazzled Mike.

 Then Mike counters with, “Like I always say, caveat emptor.”

“Doesn’t that mean buyer beware?” Roy asks.

Mike nods with satisfaction. “Yes,” he says. “Yes, it does.”

Sure, we’re supposed to think Mike Brady is a drip. It isn’t the sexiest thing in the world to do research before making a major purchase or, in this case, an investment. It takes time and dedication to make sure you’re getting it right. But it is very important.

Making the right investment could mean a comfortable retirement. It could mean leaving a legacy behind for your children. It could mean providing for any medical treatment you might need. It could mean not leaving behind a financial burden for your loved ones.

When you look at it that way, you might start to think that Mike Brady isn’t such a drip after all.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at different investment opportunities available to you and weigh the pros and cons of each one. Let’s get started.  

Gold IRA – What is it?

The first service we’re going to talk about is a gold IRA.

You may have heard about IRAs before. Maybe you started one after you left a job that provided a 401k. Maybe you decided to take your financial health into your own hands and invest a small amount every month into your IRA.

If you’ve never heard of one before, an IRA is an account that provides tax breaks for American citizens to help them save for retirement. Traditionally, these accounts are through a bank or financial investment company and deal in US currency.

Within the last ten years, there has been an explosion in a new concept in IRA investing. This is referred to as a gold IRA. Why is it called a gold IRA, you might be asking yourself?

It sounds like something you might see on a health insurance plan, where things are frequently broken down into gold, silver, and platinum packages. They do this because everyone understands the relative values for each of these precious metals. It communicates clearly the tiered system of their packages.

But a gold IRA is different. There’s no metaphor here; you’re investing in gold instead of US currency. Click here for more information about the history of gold. This means that instead of buying and selling stocks to create value for your investment, you’re using an intermediary to help you purchase gold.

This company will usually act not only on your behalf to buy and sell precious metals but will also provide a facility to store your gold. Usually this will involve a temperature-controlled vault to keep your investment in prime condition. It also means round-the-clock security to ensure your investment stays safe.

Many find this an attractive option because the value of gold never drops. There are few things that can promise a nearly one hundred percent chance of increase on your investment. It can also be reassuring for an investor to know that there is a physical commodity with their name on it, not something that could disappear in the event of a stock market crash.

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Historical Precedent

Few investors remember the great stock market crash of 1929. That event was nearly one hundred years ago now. But just because we don’t remember it doesn’t mean that it didn’t have a lasting impact on American society.

On that fateful day, the stock market behaved in a way it had never done before. Suddenly, nearly all of the market’s value dropped. Brokers were shocked and scared. Some, overwhelmed by the possibility that they might have to tell their investors that their money was all gone, chose to end their lives.

That is why we have come to refer to this day as Black Friday, because of the extreme toll on human life and suffering.

It signaled the start of the Great Depression. During those years, it was extraordinarily difficult for the average American to make a living. Many families had to make hard decisions. Sometimes it meant skipping meals. For other families, it meant they could no longer support all of their children.

These unhappy families tried to find new homes for their small children, hoping to be able to support them again sometime soon.

Those who lived through it never forgot it. They had a hard time throwing away any food because they remember what it was like when they didn’t have enough. They might feel the same way about their possessions, seeing a value in them that many younger Americans don’t share.

Metal Sales

You might have determined through careful reading of the Hartford Gold IRA reviews that the company offers more than just their retirement planning service.

They also can act as an intermediary for you if you choose to buy precious metals and store them at home. This might be a more attractive option to you live out in the country. Perhaps you have the perfect hiding spot picked out in your home and all you need to do is start investing in gold coins.

Maybe this option appeals to you because it means you can act out a lifelong Scrooge McDuck fantasy of swimming through vast stores of gold. You could lay the coins over your eyes as you sleep to block out the light and reduce puffiness and swelling. No matter which investment opportunity you decide to use, you can rest easy once you’ve done all your research and read all reviews carefully.

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