How To Solve Math Problems On Windows?

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The addition of pen computing, known as Windows Ink, was one of the most major additions of Windows update, which you criticised for falling short of the ordinary consumer’s needs. You don’t know if Microsoft will introduce any new inking features during its Windows presentation. But an online slope calculator by has been introduced to reduce the complexity to calculate  the slope of a line fastly.

Replay records your series of ink strokes and can play them again, while Maths translates and solves inked equations. Both concepts appear to be fantastic on paper. However, the devil is in the details, and the difficulties with both capabilities show how Windows Ink is dealing with the realities of handwriting recognition and data processing.

In this article, you will come to know how to solve different maths problems easily on the window.

Let’s have a look!

Microsoft Maths Solver App:

All mathematical expressions, from simple arithmetic equations to more complex sums, have solutions in the Maths Solver app. It recognizes maths problems and finds answers using artificial intelligence (AI). and when it comes to the mathematical problematic analysis, the slope formula calculator is right there to help you out with this.

Let’s put the Microsoft Maths Solver software to the test.

1. Take a picture

2. Scanning the image of the equation/problem

3. Go over the answer step-by-step.

4. Provide feedback on the app

5. Use slope calculator online

Multiple languages are supported by the Microsoft Maths Solver software. It also includes a built-in dark mode.

Microsoft Edge’s Maths Solver:

Microsoft’s Maths Solver is a tool built into the Edge browser that recognizes and solves mathematical problems based on an image. For years, Maths Solver was a stand-alone program that was also included with Windows. It’s also available as a mobile app for Android, iOS, and the web. With the 91 update, Microsoft included Maths Solver right into Edge, so you don’t have to switch windows.

Here no doubt the slope calculator by calculator online has also made its place in teaching a lot of pupils around the globe. Furthermore, Bing includes this useful function in their search results. Maths Solver is the first result when you search for mathematical terms like “quadratic equation.” You can even use a virtual pen to sketch a question here.

You can also sharpen your mathematics skills by taking quizzes on the Maths Solver website. Teachers can also look at the most popular problems page to see what types of questions students find the most difficult. And to resolve them, they can make use of the slope equation calculator absolutely for free.

Photomath for Windows:

On a computer or a Mac, we can utilise the photo maths application. The application can be used by both users to solve the problem.

On Windows, you can utilise the photo maths application. Being a user on both Windows and Mac can use the application to solve any mathematical problem.

You should show your thanks to technology for allowing you to make such an application. Not only this, but you should also thank to provide you with hundreds of free calculators to resolve mathematical problems efficiently.

OneNote Maths:

OneNote received a new ability as part of Microsoft’s August updates for Office 365 subscribers: equation calculation. Unfortunately, its Kryptonite is poor inking recognition, making it almost worthless with a pen. OneNote’s new Maths tool, when it works, converts your electronic ink into an equation, solves it for you, and even gives you the results. It’s similar to Wolfram Alpha, a maths powerhouse that, like Microsoft, charges money for these capabilities.

Unfortunately, the Maths feature has yet to materialise in OneNote 2016, despite the presence of other important features such as real-time audio annotations. This is why you are asked to make use of the free slope calculator to get a firm grip over the mathematical computations.

Convert and Solve Maths Equations:

OneNote for Windows 10 answers any maths problem you write or type, allowing you to get to the answer fast or offering you step-by-step directions to help you understand how OneNote arrived at the solution. OneNote’s ink maths assistant can perform anything a slope calculator can do, from simple maths to calculus.

Write or Type An Equation:

Handwriting equations on any touch screen-capable Windows 10 laptop or tablet is the best way to use OneNote’s ink maths aid, but you can also try writing with a mouse or pen input tablet on a normal PC, or write out your equations with your keyboard.

1. Go to any page in OneNote for Windows 10, then click or press the Draw tab.

2. On the Draw tab, select the pen you want to use by clicking or tapping it.

3. Select the stroke width and ink colour you wish to use by clicking or tapping the small arrow that appears next to the pen you picked.

4. After that, choose one of the following options:

If you’re using a touchscreen device, use your finger or a pen to write your equation. Moreover, you can also be subject to free slope from two points calculator to resolve your various mathematical queries that you get stuck in.

If you’re using a PC with a standard monitor, use your mouse or a pen input tablet to create your equation, or type it using your keyboard.

Select The Equation:

Select the ink dashes or typed words that you want OneNote to identify before it can solve your equation.

1. Select the Lasso Select tool from the Draw tab.

2 Drag a selection around the equation you produced in Step 1 with your finger or mouse. All ink strokes or text in your equation should be selected when you let go.

Use the Maths button:

After you’ve chosen your equation, do the following:

1. Click or press the Maths icon on the Draw tab.

2. Verify that OneNote correctly identified your equation in the Maths pane that appears. Also, keep considering the use of the free slope calculator to determine the slope of the line that will further help you to write down the equation of the linear line.

3. If necessary, click Fix It to make any necessary ink stroke changes. You can use the Lasso Choose tool in Fix It mode to select any poorly identified symbol or a specific area of the equation, and OneNote will present you with options.


In this post, we discussed the ways you can resolve mathematics on your windows along with the use of the free slope calculator.

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