What Are Commercial Drones?

Commercial Drones

The world of drones seems to be growing with each passing day. It doesn’t seem too long ago that simple RC-helicopters were pretty much the limit for small flying devices. However, in our modern age, we see drones used in everything from military operations to underground racing.

As with all new industries, there is a huge uptick in technical terms and classifications for different drone models. Today, fulcrumair.com (a provider of commercial drone services) will look at commercial drones, their services and what they can do for a variety of businesses.

What are commercial drones?

Commercial drones are a special type of drone. They are not nearly as large as military drones, but not as compact as racing drones either. They fit into the middle ground, much the same as consumer-ready drones. However, they are much larger than consumer drones as they must be able to carry specialized equipment.

Commercial Drones

What services can commercial drones offer?

Speaking of specialized equipment, commercial aerial drone video services and the units they employ can change based on the location and type of services they offer. For example, the equipment used to install bird flight diverters is not necessarily as helpful when performing a building inspection. Instead, it is better to understand the types of equipment that commercial drones may utilize.

Framing/ Chassis

The framing or chassis of a commercial drone may need to change several times, depending on different factors. For example, smaller companies may have fewer drones, but switching out their purpose-built components can allow them to offer a broader range of services.

Sensory Devices

This is the area where commercial drone services really start to show their dominance and potential. Equipping drones with LiDAR, FLIR, or infrared cameras can speed up site inspections, herd tracking activities, building inspections, forestry operations and, honestly, the list just goes on. If you can picture a profession that works with data collection or inspection in a dangerous real-world environment, the chances are that a commercial drone can do the same task without endangering any human lives.

Specialized Tools

As a result of the versatility of drones, specialized tools are common among pilots and manufacturers. With a specialized task, the tools can vary greatly, but range from sample collection to wind speed measurement. 

What businesses use commercial drones?

The list of businesses that are finding a new use for commercial drones grows with every passing day. These drones are finding a place for themselves in industries like:

  • Emergency response
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Crude oil processing
  • Police investigation
  • Facility inspection
  • Military
  • Power transmission
  • Delivery
  • Racing

What does the future look like for commercial drones?

Perhaps it won’t come as much of a surprise, but the future of commercial drones is looking bright. Jurisdictions around the world are introducing or changing legislation to allow greater mobility within the drone industry. As well, these same places are developing training programs for drone pilots and transforming a hobby into a viable business platform. And these changes are just the beginning.

Keep in mind that this is purely speculation at this point, but there doesn’t seem to be any major barriers to introducing a flight zone for commercial drones. This could lead to faster local deliveries, green initiatives to reduce personal vehicle emissions and a whole industry’s worth of work.

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