Web Design Trends that will Dominate in 2022

Web Design Trends

The field of web design is ever-evolving. New technologies, as well as new trends, emerge on a daily basis. Every year, a few distinct web design trends take hold in the industry. Abstract art compositions, scrolling changes, and three-dimensional hues, for example, dominated the online design area in 2020.

Do you know what web design trends will be popular in 2021?

According to Inspirenix Web Design, we’ll look at ten web design trends that will absolutely rule in 2021 in this article.

1. Color Schemes That Aren’t Typical

One of the web design trends that will dominate in 2021 is the usage of unusual color combinations. The emphasis here is on using vivid colors in an unusual way that completely harmonizes with each other and is eye-catching and appealing.

Trying new things should not be feared or shunned in order to successfully execute this strategy. Keep in mind that bright, powerful colors, effulgence tones, and unexpected color combinations will linger in the minds of individuals who visit your website.

2. Animations

Animations are the processes of causing inanimate or motionless objects to move. Most web design firms now include animations in their projects to make them more appealing and current for their clients.

As a result, adding motion to your website will improve your online influence by grabbing people’s attention. You’ll see that even websites you wouldn’t expect to do this are doing so to attract visitors’ attention.

To succeed in 2021, you must carefully consider creating good and appealing animations for your website.

3. Dark and Light Mode Switch

Even in 2020, a dark mode was popular, and it should undoubtedly be one of your joker cards for enticing customers in 2021. But let me be clear: despite the fact that dark mode was popular in 2018, it will not have the same impact in 2021.

The website should be created in a dark and light toggle mode in order to dominate in 2021. Keep in mind that the goal is to keep customers scrolling and clicking on your website.

In low-light settings, especially at night, a dark mode is appropriate so that clients’ eyes are not strained. It also lowers the rate of power use and aids in battery conservation, allowing customers to remain longer.

A light mode option, on the other hand, is required because the dark mode will not be ideal for the user in the presence of high light conditions, such as in a bright location where sunlight reflects off your screen and may cause the user to abandon the tour on your website. In such a circumstance, a light mode toggle standby will allow the user to easily switch.

Reading long written text on a dark background with white ink is also quite difficult. A relaxed mode is one in which the text is printed in black ink on a white background.

Many networks, such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, now allow users to choose whether to switch to dark or light mode.

4. Video Implementations

If you haven’t already, 2021 is the year to start designing a video-based website. Although many people perceive this to be a concern, it is worth noting that users are growing more attractive.

These videos let consumers have an amazing experience on your website, encouraging them to keep scrolling and learning more about you and what you’re attempting to share with the world. In 2021, video storytelling of your content will take the lead over moving text and backgrounds. This is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, don’t put it off any longer. Get to work.

5. Overlapping photography and graphics should be balanced.

Another ominous web design trend to watch in 2021 is combining images and photographs on your site in perfect harmony.

Even though high-quality images look fantastic on their own, adding graphics will spice things up even more and make them more eye-catching.

To get the most out of this design trend, consider employing unique and unifying colors for mixing or, better yet, enforcing branding and allowing people to recognize you through colors by using the shapes or colors in your logo.

This will give your website more personality and a more modern design, as well as keep users interested in your content.

6. The time it takes for your website to load

One of the most important aspects of website design is the loading time. This isn’t a new tendency, by the way. However, in 2021, optimizing this trend will be critical if you want users to stay on your website.

According to research, if your website takes longer than two seconds to load, users will abandon it and are unlikely to return. This is also not loved by search engines, and your website will be demoted from the results page ranks.

To improve and assure a pleasant user experience, website designers must pay close attention to the website load speed so that visitors aren’t bored by a blank page that takes a decade to fully load.

As a result, web designers must improve website performance and speed up page load times. You can also consider a full website redesign as well to make your website faster and update other elements on your website as well.

7. The Voice User Interface (VUI)

In 2021, making engagement quick and simple will be a huge step forward. With today’s computers, a speech user interface is already conceivable and effective.

Many individuals nowadays find it stressful to look for information on their phones, so they rely on AI to do the work for them to save time and effort. Google, for example, had implemented this feature into its search engine.

Users simply press a button and say what they’re looking for, and Google returns results based on the keywords in the recorded message.

As a result, including this into any website of any category is critical and important in order to boost visitor interaction, provide preliminary information, and establish a voice identification login that recognizes users’ voices when they sign up next time.

8. Topography and 3-D Displays

3D design topography is one characteristic that displays your level of originality. Use 3D features like graphics and animations to improve the user experience.

These will improve the aesthetics of the website and have a greater impression on visitors. This type of effect has a big impact on design websites like graphic design and architecture.

9. Virtual Chatbox

In order to win in 2021, you’ll need to include a chat box when developing your website. We all know that web users prefer to find out what they want to know as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort, and chat boxes enable them to accomplish just that.

Customers find it more intriguing when their questions are swiftly answered on the website. Setting up a sophisticated chat box integration would work similarly to WhatsApp messenger, allowing you to connect with your online visitors in-depth and maybe resolve issues right away.

It’s worth noting that the response rate time will have a big impact on client retention. As a result, it is necessary to set up a quick response rate technique for your visitors in order for them to feel at ease.

10. Aesthetics of Extreme Minimalism

A good homepage graph might entice your website visitors to stay scrolling and thus examine all of your designs. In 2021, how you use very simple aesthetics, especially on your site, will be popular.

Flat backdrops with text homepages with almost little navigation and only a title are a great illustration of this.

Almost everything in the design is removed with these ultra-minimalist aesthetics. The fashionable layer is appealing and well-designed, but it leads you to danger with few interactive possibilities.

Also, your website must be responsive on all devices. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how simple and aesthetically pleasing you make your website, it will not perform well.


You may not be able to implement all of these strategies at the same time, but you may get started with some simple implementations like a virtual chatbox.

Furthermore, as I stated at the outset of this post, the world of web design is always changing. Within 6-8 months of 2021, these ten trends may be obsolete. As a result, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for new trends and stay current.

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