Wear The Best Kriyya Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair

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The lace front wigs with baby hair can be worn in many ways: straight, curly, or wavy and other etc. If you’d like to spend some time ironing and styling the wig and seeing your baby’s hair twist back out of the bottom, read on to find out what baby hair styling is. How to make and hug, Inspiration, Just look, baby hair with lace front wig looks natural and nicely styled.

Best procedure to style lace front wig baby hair

Cut the lace

First, cut the extra lace on the lace wigs that hang over the forehead for a more natural and beautiful look and about a quarter to a quarter of the lace on the front and sides of the wig. It’s best to keep all of the small pieces of lace together as cutting too much lace will ruin the wig. Use long, liquid cancer attacks to avoid blotchy edges. It’s a delicate process that requires constant hand, good scissors, and a lot of patience.

Water the baby hairs

To style children’s hair, it must be completely wet. You use a spray bottle filled with water to spray on your head hairline. If you have not a spray bottle, just spray water on your hairline.

Define the parting

Use two large barrettes to section the hair on either side of the clip marking the centre. Use a fine-tooth comb to part one side of your wig. Dry your hair up and down as you comb it for a definition of the parting. If you have dry hair, keep using a comb to cleanse the parting and reinforce the parting.

Use hot tools to dry the baby hairs

Once your Baby’s hair is wet, place part of your damp Baby’s hair about 3 inches from your hairline between your index and middle hand fingers. Pull out your hair and use a blow dryer to dry it for about three to five seconds. Then blow it for three seconds. Haircuts are very delicate. So switching between hot and cold can help prevent weak hair from burning.

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