How to write that killer blog post your readers can’t resist


As it is popularly said, content is king, and with every passing day, this gets truer. Unsurprisingly, businesses today are investing enormously in content, hoping to capture as many eyeballs as possible – building trust and rapport via offering value-adding content to their audience. 

Here is the reality. Blogging -typically SEO — is now “World War 3”. On WordPress alone, more than 2.750 million blog posts are published every day! 

All these blogs battle ferociously to rank high on search engines. This is frightening, right?

Therefore, I understand you are eager to learn how to write a blog post that stands out amidst this hurricane of content flooding the internet. Good news is I am willing to tell you all you need to know.

1. Connect emotionally with your audience

A top-quality blog post is far more than just jampacking words together for search engines. There must be that emotional flavor that connects your readers to your article. 

Empathy is critical here, and your audience should be confident that you share their pain point; hence, you are publishing the content to HELP.

This is where many bloggers get it wrong. In the desperateness to sell, they forget to first help the reader solve his problem. The majority of the readers visiting your blog are coming to be educated.

If they wanted to buy, they have shops and stalls around them to go. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can strategically insert calls to action in your blogs or optimize your blogs for sale.

But it must be a win-win: value for your readers in exchange for their dollars. And guess what, value is best served to your audience when you tell them a sentimentally compelling story.

This is why many bloggers are successfully resorting to the storytelling approach in their blog posts. Emotionless and blunt blog posts lack that human edge that captivates your readers. A bit of humor wouldn’t hurt if used intelligently to liven the blog post. Make sure not to overdo your humor so you don’t diminish the credibility of the article or your authority.

2. Understand who you are writing to

Your blog post must be fully customized to your audience. You have to step into the shoes of your audience and talk to them as they would like to be talked to. Many bloggers just jump on their computers and start writing to some “arbitrary” reader.

What if I told you the average person consumes 34 gigabytes of information every day? Would you yet want to pester your audience with meaningless blog posts? 

I guess your answer is a screaming NO. This explains why you have to get your blog posts PERFECT and flawlessly streamlined to your audience.

This means you must understand the behavioral profile of your audience. What appeals to them, what tone is more befitting? 

How misplaced is a Quran in the Vatican City? Well, that is how misplaced your content would be if it doesn’t rhyme with the audience you are writing to.

3. Lastly, enhance your blog posts with graphics

Statistics show that people today are getting bored with text and all that hectic reading…they simply want to WATCH it! 

Don’t blame them; the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text! Visually spice the blog post with graphics, infographics, and even video. Google even loves your blogs that way!

The good news is that in 2021, you must not be a seasoned Photoshop guru or graphic design connoisseur to produce visually appealing graphics. Contemporary design tools like Canva, Crello, and Stencil enable you to create stunning graphics (mostly through easy drag-and-drop facilities) without minimal experience in professional graphic design.

So here you go! Here are three tasty tips to write a blog post so that completely captivates the attention of your reader – and yes, getting them to click that call to action.

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