Underrated Link Building Tactics that Work Surprisingly Well

Link Building Tactics

Unique Introduction

You have probably never come across a blog post on search engine optimization (SEO) that did not mention link building. All your efforts on keyword research, analyzing the competition, auditing your website, and writing your well-researched piece of content will have a much more powerful effect if you tie in one of the critical steps in SEO: link building.

Link building is a well-known SEO technique that helps sites rank on Google much faster. It also serves as a trust signal for search engines to view your page as genuinely helpful and relevant to other people in your industry. If they are referencing your website, you must be coming up with good stuff, and more people deserve to read the piece you wrote online.

Most of the time, authors and SEO specialists approach other sites and ask for the link in return for something that benefits them. Popular tactics like guest posting and broken link building operate in this premise, where you either write a piece of content or offer to replace a broken link from a page with better content that comes from you.

While these methods are tried and tested, you have to zoom out a bit and remember that these are probably the same things your competitors are doing – so much so that webmasters spot outreach emails a mile away.

So, what do you do? The answer is simple: It’s time to add new stuff into the mix. Adding more to your tool belt will help you refine your SEO practices, too. There are a lot more link building tactics that you may not know about, and the infographic below dishes out on the ones you need to start incorporating to your strategy right now.

Link Building Tactics

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