Ultimate Meme Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Brand On Social Media

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Memes have become commonplace on social media sites. They’re amusing, interesting, and simple to digest. However, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Marketing using memes is a new, modest trend that is gradually gaining traction.

This behavior gave rise to a new term: meme-jacking. Meme-jacking occurs when marketers use popular memes to promote their goods.

Meme-jacking is gaining popularity because it is a fantastic method to disseminate new material that has the potential to become viral. Consider this: who doesn’t like a good meme?

Marketing using memes may revitalize your social media strategy. Memes are very visual, making them an excellent tool for creating social media content.

The nicest aspect is that you can simply piggyback on a notion that is already getting momentum. There is no such thing as plagiarism when it comes to memes. You can use a meme generator and create your own meme in less than a minute!

If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, you are already late to the party! Major brands are already out with their unique meme marketing strategy and enjoying a massive amount of traction.

Therefore, it is essential that you deploy your meme marketing strategy and this post covers just that! Here is everything that you need to know about growing your brand by leveraging memes.

Meme Marketing Strategy: Guidelines

Marketing using memes may be an excellent approach to advertise your company without seeming too salesy. They are relevant, inexpensive to make, and have the potential to improve brand awareness and interaction.

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind while developing a meme marketing campaign to ensure its success.

1. Perform a Target Audience Analysis

If you’re sending a marketing message to a group of individuals, you need to know who they are and what message is best for them. This is the first stage in creating a solid memes marketing campaign, like with any other marketing campaign or plan on social media.

If millennials are your target demographic, you must design a meme campaign centered on topics that are of interest to them. However, it is critical that you establish interaction throughout your campaign rather than just promoting your business or product.

You must maintain that equilibrium. You can’t build engagement without marketing, and you can’t promote without first building engagement. When marketing, you must ensure engagement.

2. Ensure the Tone of the Memes Match Your Brand

It is crucial to employ memes, but it is even more crucial to select ones that are appropriate for your brand voice. Although maintaining brand consistency while using memes in your marketing plan may be tough, it is extremely necessary.

A high-quality meme is both informative and humorous since it leverages social criticism, satire, or nostalgia. They may, however, be obnoxious or harsh. That means marketers must be able to tread the narrow line between the two when utilizing memes to advertise their business.

Meme marketing is not like generic advertising, so even if you use it for promotion, there is no such thing as “subscribe” or “purchase.”

Make it enjoyable for the audience, build engagement and interaction with it, and it will be more likely to be shared, giving your brand and product a larger reach. It is therefore easy to generate more leads and close more deals.

3. Deploy Memes that Resonate with Your Brand

Remember that you are not only increasing engagement with the memes, but you are also increasing brand exposure. As a result, it is critical to be inventive in the usage of memes. Make famous memes more relevant and unique to your business.

Whatever meme you pick, make sure you grasp what it is expressing and link it (and it’s meaning) with the brand or product you are selling.

That means you may have to add the brand name or product into the joke to make it more accessible and comprehensible to those who see it while still making the joke amusing.

4. Leverage Ongoing Trends

When it comes to employing memes for marketing, there is always a timing aspect involved. Because of the way social media works these days, there is so much stuff online competing for the ‘trending’ title. 

A meme may be trending today and tomorrow, but it is unlikely to be on anyone’s timeline. This implies you should constantly be on the lookout for trends and make the most of them.

Twitter trends, for example, might provide insight into what hot topics, people, products, or items are being discussed.

It is simpler and more probable for your meme to go viral if you capitalize on these trends and create a meme around it.

This implies that more people will notice it, which will increase interaction, and, as a result, the product or brand will stay in people’s minds. This enables you to generate more leads and close more deals.

However, if you make a random meme when hot trends are being discussed on social media platforms, it is quite unlikely that anybody would notice you or your meme since they are preoccupied with the trends.

Making a meme with the trend, on the other hand, makes it simpler for others to notice you.


We have broken down some of the best strategies to utilize meme marketing to build your brand on social media. Moreover, meme-jacking has emerged as an excellent approach to sell your business or product without seeming to be sales-focused.

Even if sales are the goal in the long term, memes help you in enhancing brand awareness as your audience finds them increasingly relevant.

When creating memes for social media marketing, keep in mind that the primary purpose is to grow your brand on social media. As a result, you must avoid the temptation to go overboard with memes.

Use memes in your marketing effort just on occasion. Using memes on a regular basis can make you seem desperate for attention.

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