Top Tech in Demand Job Skills in 2021

Tech Jobs

The present job market is constantly changing and technology is upgrading day by day, tech careers are becoming more and more popular. So there are  a variety of different companies, industries and job functions which are welcoming new people and hiring engineers for government and private organisations. Figuring out which skills are most in-demand can be helpful as you select a career path accordingly. In this article, we review the top in-demand tech skills of the job market 2021, of which employers are looking for.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a skill that comprises all marketing endeavours that use an electronic device or the internet which includes search engines, emails, social media, and other websites. Due to this pandemic, the COVID-19 situation has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster for many businesses, hundreds of others have taken the consequences in their stride. Some industries were already establishing their presence online before the pandemic hit. So now an almost 100% increase in online sales in India, businesses and entrepreneurs realize that the change might be more challenging and long term. So this digital trend more and more people are shopping everyday needs and luxury items online. From groceries to medicines and from clothes to washing machines, everything is available online. To reach out to a wider audience, Digital marketing is the fastest mode of promotion and marketing. The demand for digital marketing professionals is also increasing rapidly, with an ever-increasing scope of digital marketing.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is one technology that has already caught the attention of everyone across the world by cryptocurrency. It is an open, decentralized digital ledger that records and manages transactions securely and transparently. So a blockchain developer is responsible for creating integrated smart contracts and web applications using blockchain technology. There has been a sudden rise in demand for blockchain developers and engineers, after the cryptocurrency bull market of 2017. The demand for blockchain developers and engineers is increasing without any pause. In the current day and age, there are countless opportunities for blockchain developers.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineering is the study of operations, execution and formation of robots. A robot is manmade machine-like humans that execute tasks that humans can perform or cannot perform. A Robotics engineer is a professional who designs and creates the robots and their robotics system. In India, robotics engineering is rated as a high-end professional career. The field of robotics has seen great advances in the most recent decade ranging from smart materials to advanced computing algorithms for real-time autonomous operation of complex robots. A graduate of robotics engineering can get a holistic picture of the current trends and can gain a lot of employable skills for the demand in the market.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the innovative technology of intelligent machines and software that work and react like humans. AI software learns just the way humans do. It is one of the most popular technologies across the world. It is the fastest-growing sector in the tech world. The scope of AI expanded into many sections including, healthcare, transport and security. So AI is going to power medicine, robotics, engineering, space, military activities and marketing in a large way. AI has immense potential to change each sector of the economy for the benefit of society. There isn’t only one innovation under AI, there are different useful technologies such as self-improving algorithms, machine learning, big data, pattern recognition. Presently, there would hardly be any industry or sector which would be untouched by this powerful tool in India. That is the reason why there has been an increased demand for artificial intelligence online courses in India.

UI/UX Designers

UI-User Interface, UX-User Experience Designer is to build an end product that is simple to operate and appealing to the eye. UI and UX designing are two different functions, which may and may not be performed by the same individual. So UX designer is something, encompassing all aspects of the end- user’s interactions with the company, its services and its products. UI designers create all the screens and touchpoints the user encounters when interacting with a digital product. From colour and typography to spacing, imagery, buttons, scroll bars, and more, they take care of everything. The increasing demand, or rather a trend for the design had sprouted many design-based organizations that are now one of the main attractions for many who want to pursue UX/ UI as a career. Because design has become prominent, it automatically increases the necessity for skilled UX/ UI designers because the design is usually focused on what users want and what kind of experience it can impart. And analyzing it all is what UX/ UI designers are famous for.

So these are just a few of the top In-Demand skills in the Job market of 2021 that employers are looking for. I hope these skills are helpful to you for your career making or landing a dream job.

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