10 Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a SEO

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Keyword searches of search engine growing day by day, According to SEO Tribunal Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day, so you can get an idea of how much customers interested in searching, and how you can benefit of them. So To grow your customers and get a return of your hard invested money it would be essential to follow SEO for your business. SEO is not only affecting revenue but it has several benefits that will open so many doors to increase conversion and customers.  So here are some important points that show how much SEO is important for your business.

  1. Local & Targeted Customers Able to Find Your Website

At the Event in Google Headquarters Mountain view, Google said that 46% of all queries searched locally. So it is sure that more customers and users search for local products, information, and services, so at this point, it would mandatory to get SEO for your local business, so you can also be found for all your targeted keywords. Finally, I want to say that SEO important to grow your local business and targeted customers.

  1. Build Brand Awareness

What you can say to word brand that means users knows and familiar about, right?  In the terms of SEO, it holds same meaning, there are several content promotion activities available such as guest posting, article, press release and more that helps to increase authority in Google and that authority increase the brand awareness. So SEO is one types of method to increase brand awareness online.

  1. SEO Increase Conversion and Customers

It is common that when your business is being found more on the search engine you will get more conversion and customers. Imagine that you have one targeted keyword on the first page of Google by working on SEO for your e-commerce business then definitely you will get more conversion and convert sales on this conversion compared to other keywords. So to grow your conversion rates and customers, it would be important to hire digital marketing company.

  1. SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

As Google showing more natural and informative content through the algorithm, people are more trusting on that.  According to one research, visitors used to open 1 to 3 result of the first page, this clearly shows how much this result is important for search engine visitor. So when a user searches for targeted keywords on the first page and maybe your keyword found that increases brand trust and credibility.

  1. Increase CTR compare to PPC

Maybe you are aware of PPC, it is one type of paid advertising provided by Google but most of the search engine visitors not trusting on PPC results because it is not natural and authenticate, visitors have been ignoring it, so they usually click on the organic result, when you want to choose between SEO and PPC then definitely you have to choose SEO first for a long term results.

  1. Easy to check Success

When you start SEO for your website, after starting you should do some research after every two weeks to improve results. There are tools available like Google analytics and Google webmaster that helps to analyze your users and website completely, so when you start SEO it is easy to measure, and after analyzing you can improve the keywords and goal by improving most important pages and keywords.

  1. SEO Involve long term benefits

When you compare a PPC and SEO then SEO has long term benefits. Because when you choose PPC,  you have to pay for every single click, and once the budget is over you will no longer get clicks, so this is very expensive, and in the case of SEO when come on the first page of Google then it may stand on the first page for three or six or for longer, so it is one type of investment and you get paid for each click.

  1. SEO Affects in Social Media

When you start SEO for your website, you will do a content promotion on a different website or post something attractive, so then users would like to follow or share the post with other groups. So starting SEO of your website, it also affects in social media.

  1. SEO Improves ROI

As I said earlier, SEO improves conversion, ROI. While you have been doing SEO on your website and your business coming on the first page of Google then you will definitely improve return on your investment, because you will increase conversion through the SEO that gives you high ROI.

  1. Grow your Business Compare to competitors

While your competitors have high revenue and conversion, to compete that you need to start an SEO because SEO helps to grow your services product online and it results into high revenue so to beat your competitors and conversion you need to start an SEO.


Here I have mentioned all the important point that displays the benefits and importance of SEO. Now if you know how SEO works then it is well and Good, but if you do not know how to rank though SEO then you should hire some reputed company that will help you to increase your business through SEO, According to me one of the best company is GoingIT, it is one of the leading SEO company in Melbourne for digital marketing.

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