Must-Have Features In Your User Onboarding Software To Upscale Business Quickly

Onboarding Software

Exactly, this is a tedious task when you are interviewing many candidates, then taking them to the next step by shortlisting their resumes. Oh, wait! It does not stop yet, now you are hiring them, sharing some important company policies, and then comes the ONBOARDING!

We can’t deny the fact that this is a burdensome workflow that demands a lot of time, energy, and resources. It has been seen that many enterprise software development companies are also facing the same lengthy recruitment process.

So what to do? You can’t delay the recruitment process because it is the prime part that drives success to your company and it is equally important to find out some attractive methods that can allure the right candidates to your organization. On top of that, this pandemic has also put a strain on the hiring managers for the recruitment process. That’s another reason why HR professionals are looking for a reliable solution that can not only save their time but also automate the complete workflow. 

To end this quest, we are sharing the best solution that will surely help you with the complete process, and yes! We are talking about Onboarding software. Before proceeding we would like you to know a bit more about this term and later will discuss its must-have features. 

What Is Onboarding Software?

Onboarding software consolidates with Human Resources functions that offer all the prime tasks in the interactive dashboard. Basically, it’s a digital dashboard that helps HR professionals/hiring managers manage all the new hires and their daily official activities along with progress. 

One can handle employee benefits details, employment eligibility verification, performance management, succession planning, payroll information, compliance insight, and tools along with core HR administrative functions. Apart from this, new hirings can also study about the employee policies, knowledge base articles, training guides and videos that can help them to understand more about the company. 

If you are interested to have your onboarding software it is important to know their must-have features. Right? Keeping this in mind we are sharing a series of characteristics for you. 

The Important Features of Onboarding Software Are: 

Interactive Dashboard 

Let us ask you a question. Does your new hire reach out to tech support to HR staff just to understand the onboarding process? Or, your new employee is asking for help with another employee to complete the onboarding application? If yes, you need to change the current onboarding software! 

It is extremely important to have an interactive dashboard on your onboarding software. It is because a sophisticated look-and-feel will help an individual to understand it more precisely. On top of it, appealing visuals, layout, and ease of access are equally important. It will uplift your new hires with the onboarding process. 

Assessments Tool

Assessment tool helps managers to understand how well the new candidate’s progress is going. You have already invested a lot of time to find a new candidate and implement his profile in the onboarding software. This feature will ease the process by sharing the automated review to new hires once you are done with the onboarding method. 

Through this, your organization or any cloud computing consulting will acknowledge the ROI of employee onboarding software more easily. Make sure your system can understand the clear onboarding process and where it is lagging. 

Feedback Modules

Feedbacks are always welcome and equally important to have a successful onboarding and other related workflows. Additionally, if your new hiring is admiring one of the steps, it can be recorded in the Feedback module. Through this, you would be able to understand the process more precisely and effectively. 

Managers can also examine the onboarding software with safe, confidential, and sleek features to help new employees. This will also drive satisfaction to them as they feel valued and it will give you an area of improvement. In addition to this, you can also add a feature of an anonymous chat board to learn more about the process. 

Reporting And Analytics

It has been seen that many companies are struggling with employee retention and engagement and many of them are losing employees to the extent due to various reasons that we will discuss later. If your onboarding software has reporting and analytics capabilities it will uplift the pain points and improve the prime area of improvement. 

All the discrepancies can be rectified at the initial stage or we can say candidate-to-employee transition phase. This feature will manage and measure the capabilities of the onboarding process and reporting will also drive data-driven strategies of the complete onboarding process. 

Integrations and customization

It is also important to consider some questions that are related to integrations and other resources or tools. Will your onboarding tool be able to adapt to new resources? Would it be able to integrate with the onboarding process? Or customization will be easy for your new onboarding partner? There are so many questions that may surround you whenever you think of integrations. 

Make sure your onboarding software can easily accommodate new tools, resources, and techniques such as communication apps to get in touch with the candidates. Some other vital tools are workflow enhancement that includes customizable notifications. However, you can anytime customize these tools as per your requirements. 

Multimedia Compatibility With Gamification 

We are sure you would like to introduce your new hiring through videos or any other multimedia channels. Right? For, this onboarding software is the best way to go with. You can train your new hires with the onboarding process. Instead of sharing files and PDFs, visual displays will allure them more! 

Apart from this, gamification is also another aspect that will make multimedia interactive. Basically, it is a sleek way to enhance engagement with the touch of technology. To make the process more engaging you can ensure to spice up some quest or leveling up puzzles related to your organization or basic knowledge of the latest trends. Even eCommerce software solutions are also adding gamification in their process. 

Instead of those draining and boring slideshows, the actionable goals will help new hires in more exciting ways. Let them begin the scavenger hunt! Stay assured as you will be tracking their every progress. 

Goal-Setting Features

It is important to set goals for every employee as it will help them to achieve their targets. It has been seen that many new hires, employees set expectations on the very first day with the company atmosphere and learning pattern. Make sure your onboarding software is creative daily and weekly targets along with a tool to measure objectives.

This same method will also help managers to evaluate appraisal methods. This could be an effective task for the probation periods. Additionally, employees can also check their progress and improve their performance for additional growth. 

Final Words Here are some amazing features of onboarding software that you can use in your company. Make sure you are reading this informative article till the end! Don’t forget to share this article with your social circle to educate them about the features of onboarding software.

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