Top Digital PR Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Away

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Advertising and marketing are crucial to your business’s success and growth. Business owners use different strategies for promoting their products and services. Almost every company wants to advertise their product online because of several benefits.

It helps businesses to reach a larger audience, improve their online visibility, and drive more traffic to their website. Digital PR is one of the best ways to spread brand awareness and get more audience.

Although you can learn from your mistakes, it’s better to hire digital pr services that can help you avoid them and save your time, money, and the online reputation of your business. If you are planning to implement link building on your own, don’t make these mistakes.

Digital PR Mistakes to Avoid

Digital PR is a link-building technique to increase your brand awareness by reaching out to influencers and reputed online publishers. Avoid these common mistakes while launching your digital PR campaigns.

Launching Your Digital PR Campaigns With the Same Story

No matter how good a story is, everyone may not like it. So, you should use multiple stories in your campaigns for better results. You will get more opportunities from different publications and even find exclusive offers.

For example, if you want to launch campaigns on health and fitness, you can segment your story based on different areas. You can reach out to influencers with a  story on ‘healthy diet’ and a different story on simple exercises for staying fit and healthy. You can further categorize the stories based on age, gender, etc. 

Not Having Clear Digital PR Goals

If you don’t know why you are conducting a Digital PR campaign and what you want to achieve from it, there is no point. So, you should set clear goals before you launch a campaign. Typical digital PR goals are:

  • You want to improve your sales by some percentage.
  • Get credibility and authority in your industry.
  • Increase your social media and online presence.
  • You want to create an email database for your site.

Remember, you need to be realistic while setting goals for your media relations campaigns. Don’t set goals that are impractical and not feasible to achieve.

Launching Campaigns Without KPIs

Apart from clear goals, some marketers don’t have any performance metrics to measure their campaigns. It can be easier to send outreach emails and hope for the best, but setting different KPIs will help you measure your performance.

You will understand what works and what don’t if you measure them with proper metrics. So, don’t forget to set key performance indicators before you launch your campaigns.

Pitching With Lengthy Emails

Writing lengthy emails is not going to help you in any way. On the contrary, journalists may ignore your email if you write lengthy emails. Usually, journalists are busy, and they get bulk emails every day, so they don’t have time to read.

So, you should mention the key points with punchy headlines instead of writing boring and lengthy outreach mails. Improve your click rates by using different tactics while writing an outreach email to a digital PR manager.

No Follow-Up to Your Pitches

Another common mistake is not following up on your pitches. If you don’t get any response from the prospects, that doesn’t mean they are not interested. Maybe your email gets missed because they get hundreds of emails every day, or they didn’t get time because they were outside.

So, you shouldn’t sit back after pitching to a digital media, follow up after two to three days. It will act as a simple reminder. However, don’t send multiple follow-up emails after pitching. A single email is more than enough to remind someone.

Take Away

Since digital marketing is a vast field and hundreds of methods, tactics, tools, it’s common that a beginner will make mistakes. Using the same story reduces the chances of your success, so use multiple stories in your digital PR campaigns. Re-pitch with a new storyline if you find that the prospect hasn’t opened any of your previous emails.

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