6 Tips for Writing a Narrative Essay for Freshers

Narrative Essay for Freshers

Assignments are an essential part of every student’s college life. There are many different types of assignments, but in this particular article, we’ll be talking about the narrative ones. Before getting into the list of useful tips on how to write the best narrative essay, let’s define it first. Order essay online by quality authors and experience the freedom of effortless, hustle-free studying!

What Is a Narrative Essay?

The main thing that distinguishes this particular type of essay from all the others is its main goal. A narrative essay aims to present the reader with a certain chain of events. A story you’ve lived through and want to share. It’s a description of what happened to you in chronological order. Usually, such essays let the readers make conclusions themselves without making any bold statements.

Now that you understand the basic concept, let’s get into the list of tips that may come in handy.

Make a Strong Introduction

An introduction is exceptionally important in narrative essays. A strong introduction with a good thesis can bring the rest of the essay together. The difference between such essays from your regular story is the presence of a thesis in the beginning.

Also, the introduction is the first thing a reader sees. It’s a first impression that will either grab their attention or make them stop reading immediately. Most of the time introductions consist of an enticing opening statement, background information, and a thesis statement we mentioned earlier.

  • The opening statement is the first phrase. It’s a good idea to use a funny phrase or a well-known quote that is relevant to the story as an interesting opening statement.
  • Background information speaks for itself. It must be kept short but at the same time cover all the essentials.
  • The thesis, just like in other forms of writing, must be one sentence that will be a core statement of the entire text. A cornerstone, so to speak.

Use Help

For some unknown reasons, many students forget about the advantages of living in the age of information. There are plenty of services, apps, and platforms to help one write a decent assignment.

Apps and browser extensions like Grammarly provide students with a real-time automated supervisor. It checks and suggests corrections for wrong word choice, grammar, unclear sentences, punctuation, and many other things. Use it to keep your writing up to a high standard.

There are also plenty of services that offer direct help for struggling students. Some of them may professionally write an essay for you, while others will only guide and correct your effort. There are even websites with essay writing service reviews that make choosing a particular service an easy task. Receiving a professionally written sample could be really useful sometimes. Just don’t consider it as a panacea for all your writing hardships.

Additionally, there are sites like Hemingway App, that will give you a full breakdown of the readability of your text. It highlights the sentences that are hard to read, excessive adverb or passive voice usage, and other things that decrease the readability.

Keep It Clear

Clarity is always important in all forms of writing. But while some huge works may contain complex structures and words, narrative essays require a clear and concise structure. Your goal should be to tell an interesting personal story, not show off your knowledge of obscure words and the ability to build huge sentences.

Many students also like to overthink every tiny detail. Of course, describing the circumstances and the environment are both highly important factors. But oversaturating your writing with unnecessary details may have a negative effect on the quality of your writing. Only mention details that are important to increase the understanding of the scene. The ones that will have an impact on the story.


Essays are usually written in third person. However, narrative essays can be written in first person, because you’re the narrator and the character at the center of the events. If done right, first person voice might make the writing more believable and interesting 

Also, try to avoid using second-person, as it may be out of place in some cases. It can only be applied in situations where you offer the reader a chance to be a part of the story or to add some tone. For example: “By that time, I have already reached the steel door in the cellar. You wouldn’t believe how terrifying the atmosphere was. I wanted to turn around and run away. But I didn’t have that option.”


This includes both proofreading your own writing and reading other essays for inspiration. No matter how confident you are, it’s always a good idea to double-check everything for basic mistakes. Our brain often doesn’t notice seemingly obvious errors while the text is being written. So a thorough read after you’re done with the text is needed to make sure there are no typos or tautologies.

Reading the books from the masters of narrative writing is very important too. Such authors as Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf would be great first picks to start exploring narrative stories.

Expand your vocabulary and look for interesting examples of how some words and sentences can be used. Maybe you could learn a few new interesting techniques that seem odd at first. Books are whole worlds stored in a paper form. Countless new things could be learned from them. And reading can broaden your perspective of the world.

To Sum Up

At first, a narrative essay may seem like the easiest possible type of assignment. Many students would agree. But don’t underestimate it, as telling a story can be a pretty difficult task. And it may take several tries to get it right. You should do your best to make your writing interesting, detailed, and realistic, while still being concise and correct both grammar- and syntax-wise. 

Keep working on your narrative skills, make sure to read a lot, and your writing will always be top-level.

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