Top 8 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Proxies

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Proxies are becoming common among internet users today. People use them for everything from basic web browsing to professional web browsing. You can use proxies to ensure online anonymity, increase browsing speeds, boost your SEO, and many more.

Various affordable proxies are available in the market today. This has increased the demand for proxies, and more people are motivated to buy them. But then, people make costly mistakes when purchasing proxies. This article will look into some of these common mistakes.

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1. Buying The Wrong Types of Proxies

All proxies are not the same, so be sure to buy the right type. Otherwise, you won’t get the value you need if you buy a proxy that won’t match your needs. Dedicated proxies, semi-dedicated, rotating, and sneaker proxies are some common types of proxies.

Every proxy type has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a dedicated private proxy provides top-notch security and privacy. You can use it for web browsing, SEO, gaming, etc. It is a high-speed proxy server that will enhance your overall internet experience.

2. Not Trying Before Buying

Sometimes you cannot tell if a proxy will offer you the desired value. That’s why it’s best to start by trying it. This will help you know if you can access the site you intend to use the proxy for before paying for it. You’ll also get to know how fast it is so that you don’t get disappointed.

Thankfully, most reputable companies offer customers free trials. This is so that they proceed to purchase the proxies with certainty. Testing a proxy before purchasing it can also save you from many problems. Some vendors won’t offer refunds if you buy the wrong proxy.

3. Buying Insufficient Proxies

You may want to save some money when buying a proxy server. But then, you should ensure that you do not compromise on the quality when saving your money. For instance, one of the most significant risks when trying to save money on proxies is not getting enough.

The best way to save is to choose a cheap proxy. This will ensure that you get sufficient proxies without breaking the bank. Buying cheap proxies is more manageable today as there are several proxy providers in the market. Thus, a cheap proxy server is better than insufficient proxies.

4. Basing Your Decision on Price

Price is an essential factor to consider when buying proxies. But then, it shouldn’t be the only factor determining the proxy you buy. For instance, a cheap shared proxy may guarantee you the security and privacy you need. Thus, it is better to look at the value you’ll get from a proxy.

Take your time to look at what a proxy server offers and its pricing. With good research, you can buy cheap private proxies that still deliver to your expectations. The best thing to do is make price the last factor to consider when choosing a proxy server.

5. Not Buying The Right Accompanying Tools


Depending on the task you want to do, proxies may be just a fraction of what you need. You may need various other tools before you can efficiently use these tools. An excellent example is when scraping websites. In such a case, you may need more than a proxy for scraping.

Ensure that the proxy you choose can be compatible with various tools. That will make it easier to find the best tools to use with it. Besides, the right accompanying tools will help you get all the value you need from a proxy. Thus, it would be best if you were sure of the tools you use with a proxy.

6. Buying Proxies From High-risk Countries

A proxy is sometimes as good as its country of origin. Some countries are high risk while others are low risk. Most people buy proxies without looking at their country of origin. This exposes their privacy and makes online security a nightmare in the end.

You are likely to get banned on some websites when using a proxy from specific countries. This is mainly if the country records high numbers of hacking, scams, etc. Research countries that have low cybercrime numbers and invest in proxies originating from there.

7. Choosing An Unreliable Proxy Vendor

Your proxy vendor also matters when you’re buying a proxy. One mistake people make is failing to conduct proper background checks on vendors. The best thing to do is find a vendor who’ll be there to help you in case of any issues. This is because proxies also have their technical sides.

You’ll have a hard time using a proxy if you buy from a company that doesn’t offer customer support. The proxy company should be ready and available to provide solutions should you get stuck. This will ensure that you do not leave any gaps in your online security and privacy efforts.

8. Sharing Proxies With Friends

Avoid offering proxies to friends as this could affect your privacy and security. Sharing proxies means using the same logins and settings to access a proxy server. Many people do this since they want to share and reduce costs. But this won’t do you any good as it comes with risks.

You are better off with a dedicated private proxy than a shared one. If you find the cost high, the best thing to do is look for a cheap proxy server. As mentioned before, there are many relatively cheap proxies that will offer you the desired value. Good research is all you need to find a good proxy.


Proxy buying has become easier than ever before. This is because there are more cheap proxies in the market. The only thing you must do when buying proxies is avoiding the mistakes discussed in this article. For instance, be careful when choosing where to buy proxies.

Finding the right proxy vendor is one of the best steps you can make. It will play a vital role in ensuring that you buy a proxy server that meets your needs. You will also have a seamless purchasing experience and get value for your money from the proxy.

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