Top 6 disadvantages of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical Drain Cleaners

A horrifying situation that haunts everyone in his or her sleep is a clogged drain. Every homeowner tries to avoid this situation. Some of the homeowners even say that this is the worst situation they can encounter in their stay. One of the solutions that are adapted by the homeowners is chemical drain cleaner.  

The chemical drain cleaners are available in many forms starting from liquid, gel, foam, crystal, etc., but overall all of them work in the same way. Whenever the user pours a directed amount of cleaner down the sink or bathtub, the chemical present in the cleaner reacts with the clog and causes an exothermic reaction, which generates heat. The heat caused dissolve the clog and clear the drainage path. Unfortunately, the reaction caused not only affects the clog but also affects the wall material of the pipes, especially if the material was plastic or an older metal.

So, in spite of the easiness that these cleaners provide, there are several downsides or disadvantages that are there with these cleaners. Some of them are listed below, which will provide a clearer picture to you:

Can damage the septic system

There are a huge number of beneficial bacteria present in your septic system. The chemical Dryer Vent Cleaning San Diego cleanersoften are too harsh on these bacteria and kill them. These good bacteria present in the drainage system are responsible for the breakdown of organic waste, which is discharged into the septic system. Thus, it can be said that the septic system relies heavily on these naturally occurring bacteria. If they are not present in the system, it can cause the failure of the system. The chemical dryer vent cleaners kill these beneficial bacteria, which eventually disrupts the process of breakage, ultimately causing a failure of the system.

The chemical dryer vent cleaners damage the pipe.

As mentioned, earlier the chemical cleaners cause an exothermic reaction, which generates heat in order to breakdown or removes the clogs. The heat that is caused by the chemical reaction often softens the inner lining of the pipe if it is made up of PVC or metal. For the case of older metal, the reaction that is caused by the chemicals corrodes the pipes adversely. This will compel the consumers of the chemical dryer vent cleaners to change the whole pipe system, which will be a great deal of money. So, we can say that the convenience factor of these products is a lot lower and inconvenient that is caused.

The cleaners don’t work on every clog.

When it comes to the most stubborn clogs, which are often encountered in the drainage system of the homes, the chemical dryer vent cleaners don’t work quite well. When this happens, the cleaners get accumulated in the pipes or along with the clog, which needs to flush out. Letting the chemicals sit can be caused more problems in the pipes, and flushing the chemicals down the pipeline into the septic tank can kill the bacteria and hamper the functioning of the septic system of the home.

The chemical cleaners can ruin the clothes.

The chemical cleaners are designed in such a way that they eat through organic matter, whether it’s a ball of hair or the sleeves of an expensive shirt. The chemicals react with any type of organic matter, dissolve it rapidly, and cause an exothermic reaction. If a person is serious about his or her safety and the safely of the clothes, he or she should wear protective gloves and glasses while handling chemical cleaners. This will avoid accidents during the time of work. 

Chemical cleaners often cause serious burns’

Human skin is also organic material; apart from being an organic material, it’s very sensitive to pain. The chemical dryer vent cleaners can cause serious injuries if they came in contact with human skin or hair. There is no requirement for the huge amount of spill of the chemical material could cause serious injuries, but a drip down the side of the bottle can show adverse results. This incident can also happen when the acid splatter after it hits the water surface. To avoid this, one should always wear protective gear when working with these types of substances.

The Fumes troubles the breathing process.

The cleaners should be used in well-ventilated areas. The fumes that are generated during the reaction are toxic in nature. These toxic fumes can burn the eyes or mucus membranes. It is advised that there should be no children or pets presented near the place where the application of these chemical dryer vent cleaners takes place. The smaller bodies of children and pets absorb the toxic fumes that are caused due to the reaction faster than an adult, making them more prone to the adverse effects of the chemical dryer vent cleaners.

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