Top 5 Financial Modelling Companies in Australia

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Financial modelling is essential to build an economically viable business. It is useful in quantifying your business plan, business model, assumptions, and visions to determine whether you can convert your ideas into a sustainable business. 

There are several financial modelling techniques, some of which, when used together, can better prepare you for the future in case things don’t go the way as planned. These models can help you identify how different scenarios can affect your cash flow, profitability, and funding. 

With such importance, it’s easy to see how you can benefit from working with a financial modelling company that can provide you with data that will help you arrive at smarter, informed business decisions. But, with which agency should you work? 

In this article, we have listed, in no particular order, some of the leading financial modelling companies in Australia.

BDO Australia 

BDO boasts a global network of accounting professionals and business advisers. They offer data analysis and forecasting services designed to help you make better and informed decisions to move your business forward. This frees up your valuable time, which you can use to tackle more complex matters. Part of their services includes developing three-way forecasts, conducting scenario analysis, and establishing a financial reporting framework to help you compare budgets to actuals. 

Forecast Global 

Forecast Global is a boutique consultancy that offers a full suite of data solutions including financial modelling and advanced data analytics. They have a solid history of driving businesses to success by developing financial models, often integrating historical financial data to help forecast their future performance. They also use a data-driven approach in assisting clients to make better and faster decisions. 

RSM Australia 

RSM is a global network that has over 1,200 employees in 31 offices located in Australia. They take a client-centric approach in understanding the nature of businesses, helping them move forward with confidence. They take pride in a team with experience in developing tools to guide you with your decisions and providing your staff with the support and training they need. 


Based in Australia, Modano is a software company that provides content management solutions for financial modelling. Their goal is to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with your financial model and build one that rolls forward and scales with your business. They can customise your models depending on the level of involvement you want and let you retain control over the model build process. 

Model Citizn 

Model Citizn is a financial services company with years of verifiable experience in providing financial modelling services to the corporate and government sectors. They adopt the most cutting-edge technologies to provide you with user-friendly models. It means even those who did not build the model or do not have strong Excel skills or financial literacy can make decisions. 

What sets these financial modelling companies apart is their ability to build customised models and processes that help their clients better understand and use the tools to make their business more efficient. 

Who you will choose to work with depends on their experience and success in catering to similar businesses like you, but more importantly on your judgment on who you think will best provide you with the services that you require. 

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