What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Lakeland

Slip and Fall Accident

Despite its breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery and calmness, Lakeland is not entirely safe from accidents of various manners. From automobile accidents to natural accidents like being in the way of a falling tree, accidents can happen when you least expect them. 

The most common accidents, though, are premises accidents such as slip and falls. When injured from a slip and fall, you deserve compensation for the personal injuries you may incur from your fall. Here is what to do after a slip and fall accident in Lakeland.

After a Slip and Fall in Lakeland

1. Seek Medical Attention

As soon as it is reasonably possible after the accident, seek medical attention. Delaying your visit to medical personnel will only work against you. It will give the impression that you are less injured than you are. 

Have a doctor examine your injury and document the diagnosis. You will also need to begin treatment as soon as possible.

2. Report the Accident to Relevant Management

Whether your slip and fall was in a hotel room, or a parking lot, or even some other business premise, you need to inform the relevant management. Failure to do this may cost you your entire claim. 

Informing the management of the injury makes it easier for you to begin filing your claim. When reporting the accident, ensure they give you a written copy of the report for future reference.

3. Document Your Injury

If possible, take clear photographs of the source of injury. This could include a wet surface, a damaged step at the stairwell, an ill-fitted carpet or anything else that may have caused your injury. Take photos of your injuries as well. 

If there were people around the accident scene who saw your fall, take their names and contact information. All that will come in handy while trying to build a strong case.

4. Politely Decline to Make a Statement

When asked to make a statement on the accident’s details by an insurance company, politely turn down their request. Anything that you say in your confused state may be used to water down your claim. Instead, wait until you have consulted with your lawyer before speaking with the insurance company. 

Remember also to be careful with all that you post on your social media accounts.

5. Reach Out to an Attorney

Calling a seasoned personal injury attorney should be one of your priorities after a slip and fall. A seasoned attorney will know how best to deal with all the aspects surrounding your personal injury. This is because they are well versed with premise liability, and they know how much you are entitled to as part of your compensation.

6. Safely File Your Evidence

There is no case without evidence. Therefore, it is imperative to file all the relevant evidence related to your injuries safely. This includes doctor’s diagnosis, prescriptions, hospital bills and any other losses you may have suffered due to the injuries you sustained from your slip and fall interviews. Any undocumented losses are less likely to be footed by the insurance company.

Do Not Accept to Be Shortchanged

Getting your fair claim settlement after an accident has never been easy. Do not anticipate a walk in the park as you begin filing the claim. Some insurance companies will try their best to cut down the amount of money they pay you. However, do not accept an unfair claim. A professional Lakeland personal injury lawyer will help you deal with any challenges you face while trying to get your fair compensation for all the losses you incurred from your slip and fall.

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