Top 10 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins for Your Website

WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

Tackling the WordPress spam comments is a continuous process, and you can do that either with the help of any anti-spam plugin or by adjusting the discussion settings of your WordPress website. In this article, I will tell you about both options.

Consider the following two factors before deciding whether you should do it on your own by adjusting discussion settings or with the help of any plugin:

  • Number of comments
  • Amount of traffic on your website

If both of these factors have lower numbers, then you can combat spam comments on your own by tweaking the discussion settings. Using this method, you will understand that you can do that without the need to hire WordPress developer.

But if both, number of comments and the amount of traffic, is too high that you can’t manage them on your own, then you can use an anti-spam plugin. Before selecting any plugin, take a look at the following top 10 anti-spam plugins you can use for your WordPress website:


Akismet has a global database of spam, and it automatically checks all comments and contact form submissions against its database to prevent your website from publishing spiteful content.

The major features of this plugin include the following:

  • Automatic comments check to filter out any spam comments
  • A team of moderators watching over approved comments
  • A discard feature for blocking worst spams
  • A report of spammed and unspammed comments

Titan Antispam & Security

This is another anti-spam plugin for WordPress websites. The best thing about this plugin is that it does not only filter spam comments, but it also ensures the security of your website against some other malicious threats.

Some of the basic features of this plugin include the following:

  • Anti-spam for comments
  • Malware scanner
  • Site accessibility checking
  • Hide WordPress version
  • Security and threat audits

Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee blocks all the spam comments without sending personal information to third-party services. It also displays spam statistics on your dashboard so that you can monitor every spam comment on your website.

It offers a significant number of features, including:

  • Trust commenters with a Gravatar
  • Validate IP address of every comment
  • Display comment time
  • Allow blocking comments from certain countries
  • Allow comments in a particular language and much more.

WordPress Zero Spam

If you are tired of answering silly questions of users, then this plugin is for you. It detects the spam comments and blocks them immediately without turning off the commenters. Moreover, it detects and blocks unwanted visitors on your website.

The following are the major features of this plugin:

  • Anti-spam features
  • Locate IP address of spammers
  • Allow you to block IP manually
  • Security enhancement without any configuration
  • Provides you complete authority over spammers and much more

Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk

This anti-spam plugin is easy to use for beginners and offers a significant number of features, including spam comments blocking. The major features of this plugin include the following:

  • Spam firewall: Anti-Flood and Anti-Crawler
  • Blocks spam comments
  • Blocks spam orders and bookings
  • Blocks spam emails
  • Disable comments etc.

WPBruiser {no- Captcha anti-Spam}

As its name indicates, this plugin blocks the spam comments without the to fill any Captcha fields. The best thing about this plugin is that it doesn’t move the spam comments to the spam folder; instead, it removes them immediately, making your website faster and secure.

The following are some of the features of this plugin:

  • Automatically blocks IP addresses of spam comments
  • Brute force attack protection
  • Invisible for end-users (works in the background)
  • No effect on website speed etc.

Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

It is all in one security and anti-spam plugin. It protects your website against malicious bots, spammers, brute force attacks, and hackers. The best thing about this plugin is that it is easy-to-use, which means you can think about whether there is a need to hire WordPress developer or not. The major features of this plugin include the following:

  • White IP access list and Black IP access list
  • Automatically detect and discard spam comments
  • Security scanner
  • Hides wp-admin dashboard etc.

Stop Spammers

Stop spammers is an anti-spam plugin that blocks the spambots, comments, and emails. Moreover, it also runs a diagnostic test to maintain the security of your website. The features of this plugin include the following:

  • Blocks spam words
  • Blocks IP address of certain countries
  • Blocks URL shortening services
  • Blocks suspicious behavior, and much more.

Stop WP Comment Spam

If you are fed up with spam comments on your posts or web content, then this plugin is for you. It automatically detects all the spam comments and makes your website more secure. If we talk about the features of this plugin, then you may encounter the following amazing ones:

  • Automatically detect and block comments
  • Automatically remove the spam comments after a specified time
  • Spam statistics report, and much more.

WP Armour – Honeypot Anti Spam

WP Armour is a new anti-spam plugin that blocks the spammers using the honeypot technique. This plugin works with comments, gravity forms, WP forms, and more.

The major features of this plugin include the following:

  • Blocks spam comments
  • Easy-to-use, no setup requires
  • Works on calendar and ninja forms
  • Block IP of spambots etc.

The Bottom Line:

All of the above-mentioned anti-spam plugins are available in the WordPress plugin directory, and you can easily download any one of them. If you are busy with the core activities of your website, you can hire WordPress developer because an anti-spam plugin is necessary for your website.

You should know that most of the website owners complain about the spambots, that is why they download an anti-spam plugin to protect their websites against spammers. Similarly, your website needs an anti-spam plugin as well. If you have any queries regarding anti-spam plugins, you can contact Two Runs web developers. They will answer your queries in the most satisfactory manner.

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