Top 10 Reasons to Choose Angular in 2021

Angular Components

AngularJS is a javascript framework developed by Google in 2009. The core aim of putting this versatile framework to life was to make the front-end development convenient for the developers. 0.4% of all websites use this.

  • Harvard education
  • Intel
  • PayPal
  • Netflix, and many different companies run their sites through AngularJS.

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It is very likely that the JavaScript frameworks market will develop a few more competitors in 2021 by using AngularJS development services. Especially, when it comes to more specific frameworks that serve different purposes. It also enables the rendering of hypnotizing and interactive websites.

Contacting AngularJS development company will give you a brief idea about how AngularJS Development benefits your company.

Before jumping on the reasons, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of AngularJS development:

  • Simple to use
  • Impressive user interface
  • New module creation
  • Massive community support
  • Single page application building

So, let us have a look at some of the reasons that makes AngularJS so popular among established companies websites:

User Friendly

User Friendly

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AngularJS includes a user-friendly frame that accomplishes with restricted programming. It offers much functionality like

  • Validation
  • Routing
  • Templating
  • dependency injection
  • custom directives, and so on.
  • Clear app architecture

You can build a web application with a large Angular application and variety of functionality through AngularJS Development. It has a rich API,  plenty of libraries and frameworks to choose from. They are very easy to learn.

Multi Platform Support

You can use AngularJS across a wide range of platforms Linux and Mac OS. You can  easily migrate the websites as AngularJS is not restricted by a specific  platform. If you want to build a website, which works on Windows OS, it’s as easy as creating simple HTML files. You can easily share your framework with developers on different platforms too. If you want to develop for the iPhone, you can!

MVC Architecture

MVC Architecture

Source: tech geekbuzz

AngularJS development integrates the MVC (Model View Controller) structure that’s utilized to develop web software . MVC architecture allows you to work across multiple components. It provides better performance, smaller application size, easy code maintenance and more of all, it saves time.

Reusable Code

AngularJS enables programmers to reuse the code. It encourages them to concentrate on making even more impressive codes by making the code generating process easy. It even provides a better self-explanatory interface by which programmers can supply eye-catching user-experience within the program itself.

Dual Data Binding

Two Way Data Binding

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Dual data binding allows you to use the same object or data object both for server-side and client-side HTML components. Additionally, you can pass the same data to each element by binding data attributes.

Dual data binding enables you to write code in two ways:

  • Either by specifying your data and bindings together in a single line,
  • Or by specifying your data binding and template binding together in a single line.

Mobile App Development

With over 3.2 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving.

And AngularJS development services can be your help to consider for mobile app development. It has an app framework called NgModule by which you can put anything into your web applications, whether it’s a web application or an app. This is a popular reason why AngularJS is different from the other JavaScript frameworks.

Easy Testing

The Module Separation feature simplifies automated testing and strain resources for developers. With this, it becomes very easy to work separately on specific parts of the AngularJS-propelled application.



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AngularJS Development offers a vibrant platform for programmers to come up with interesting, small, fun projects. This helps in developing strong relationships with other developers. This connects people who live in different countries too. And networking with other developers is a great way to get the latest updates right?

POJO: Data Models of AngularJS

POJO: Plain Old JavaScript Things offering improved comprehension and reusability to computer applications. The information units in AngularJS are POJO which do not require brand new functionalities. They behave as a supplementary storage region. It includes or retrieves data, and operates closely with audiences and controls.

AngularJS identifies them as ‘Scopes’ to detach them out of regular data models which rely on  the data controller.

Build Faster

Developers can develop larger applications with AngularJS. These are more accessible for new or experienced developers. You could go back and forth with teams of developers to work on parts of the code base. AngularJS’ single directive for this is model-view-controller. And all this makes some of the biggest applications in the world rely on AngularJS Development, like Facebook.

Already overwhelmed? Wait we got you some more reasons:

  • AngularJS Template Service
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Controller
  • React Navigation
  • Project Pipeline and Prefabricated Models
  • Compilers and Utilities
  • Auto-Configuration Feature
  • The Updates
  • Flexible Configuration

Wrapping Up

AngularJS Development has become one of the most popular front-end technologies around. Both developers and enterprises get the benefits from this. It has enhanced immense ubiquity in rapidly developing engaging, robust and effective web apps. AngularJS allows advanced web app development; that’s why it is an outstanding choice when it comes to choosing the perfect framework to work on. Contacting an AngularJS development company is what you can do next. I mean now!

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