Top 10 Kitchen Hacks Every Cook Should Be Aware Of

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Genius kitchen hacks are not only easier to perform but at the same time also save a ton of time. Whether you are preparing a meal real-quick or want to keep your kitchen adequately organized, these hacks can always come in handy. 

1. Make Lettuce Last for a Month

Digging into your salad and finding your lettuce all soggy is the worst feeling ever. Wrap an aluminum foil around the lettuce, and you can make it last for about a month. 

2. How About a Paper Brush 

Improvising a brush is by far one of the most underrated kitchen hacks. In case you can’t find a pastry brush, you can always make one right away. Take parchment paper and make some small cuts, and you have got yourself a brush to work with. 

3. Maximize Your Water Kettle Usability 

A regular electric water kettle is more than just about boiling water. Starting from making rice, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or boiling eggs, it can find various purposes. In addition, you can also use it for hot spa treatments.

4. Don’t Throw Away Old Ketchup Bottle 

Reducing wastage and repurposing should be the primary purpose of kitchen hacks. You can easily recycle an empty ketchup bottle for this hack and use the same to pour pancake batter. That’s going to make your cooking less messy. 

5. Use a Bottle to Separate Egg Yolk

Separating egg yolk can get tedious at times. Take a plastic bottle, squeeze it, and you can separate the yolk in no time. 

6. Don’t Let Sliced Cake Become Stale 

One of the most heartbreaking aspects is when you end up with stake cakes right after taking a single bite. For this hack, all you need is some bread and toothpick and seal off from which you cut. Now, are you all good to go? 

7. Give Your Taste Buds Some Rewards 

How about adding some tea-infused water to your grains. It can significantly elevate the taste of your grains, including brown rice, millet, or even bulgur. 

8. Easiest Rotten Egg Check Test 

Do you know how to test eggs that have gotten bad? You don’t need to look for the dates, anyone. Toss them into the water, and the bad ones would automatically float. 

9. Quickest Way to Ripe Bananas

Have you ever wondered how to make your bananas ripe real quick? Make them ready for banana bread simply by putting the bananas into the microwave for a couple of minutes. Once the skin turns brown, you are good to go. 

10. Cook Food While You Busy

Making stock can take a significant amount of time. That is why take a Dutch oven, put your ingredients and let it bake at 225° for 8 hours straight. 

The Bottom Line 

So, that was our curated list of the top kitchen hacks. These tricks never cease to amaze and are most effective right from the beginning. Lastly, always use clean drinking water while you cook. Also, always compare water purifier before you choose and buy as per your needs. Let us know if you want to contribute some of your hacks. 

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