Best 7 Books of the Bible You Should Read (2023)

Bible Books

Many people think the Bible is just one book but in reality, it’s composed of 66 books written by different authors. There are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. Now, depending on the kind of person you are, there are good chances that you’ll find some parts more appealing to you than others. There’s also a possibility that you start reading from the first page, but give up after a while.

So, what’s the solution? For one, you can try reading the best audio bibles while doing your house chores or commuting to your office. But not all people like listening to books while many might not have the time to do so. For such people, reading specific books first and then making their way to others would be a more sensible thing to do. But which ones to read first? That’s where we come in.

This article lists the 7 best books of the Bible you should read first or in your subsequent journeys through the text.

1. Ecclesiastes

This is a great starting point, especially for those readers who consider themselves skeptics or are non-Christians. This is also a great book for those who enjoy reading philosophical texts. One of the writings from the Hebrew Bible, Ecclesiastes is a long poem about the meaninglessness and conceit of the material things around us. It’s included in the Wisdom literature of the Old Testament and talks about how the world is a place that can never fulfill our hearts.

The book talks about the curse that is human existence, and how God is the only way to rise above it all. To have faith and hope, and to find a purpose and comfort in life through devotion to God. It reminds Christians to fear and place trust in the words of God that He will bring back creation through the force of the gospel.

2. Gospel of John

For those trying to understand the fundamentals of Christianity, this book is a great place to start. The primary message it imparts is that Jesus is the son of God and we should lead our lives in his name The fourth gospel in the four canonical gospels, the Gospel of John paints a comprehensive picture of him and the kind of connection we can have with him. It clearly calls Jesus “the word of God” and identifies him as a supernatural being instead of just a human.

The book was written so that the reader would place their faith in Jesus Christ and believe in him and his teachings. It underlines his purpose of coming to Earth and his love for all of us. It’s written in captivating language that brings you closer to God and his words and helps you find eternal life. 

3. Genesis

For those who prefer to read a book from cover to cover, this is the book to start your journey with. This is where the whole story begins, with those immortalized words: In the beginning, God created heaven and the earth. The book contains the promises that God made to Israel’s ancestors, but it’s more commonly known for its fascinating stories.

Be it the story of creation or the tale of Adam and Eve, Genesis is filled with all those stories you’d have heard or seen around you while growing up. The book is crucial in developing a Christian worldview in its readers, with moralistic stories and the answers it provides on the human condition, the creation of the universe, the meaning of faith, and more. It also helps provide a solid foundation for you to read the rest of the Bible.

4. The Gospel of Luke

Part of the New Testament, The Gospel of Luke covers a detailed look at the life of Jesus Christ– his origins, birth, death, resurrection, and more– chronologically. He does these using interviews with eyewitnesses and in the process, writes how Christ performed all the miracles that He did and formed his group of ministers. It charts his journey exhaustively and is the longest book in the New Testament for a reason.

The book includes all the well-known stories and fables you might have heard growing up, be it the way Christ was crucified or the way He helped people around him. The book presents an accurate account of the times when Jesus walked on earth and magnifies his life and works by looking at him from the perspective of the human condition.

5. Psalms

If you want to read the Bible for the purpose of worshiping and celebrating God, this might be the perfect book for you to start from. A collection of 150 songs and poems, it takes a devotee through the various sentiments and affairs they face in their everyday lives. A simple yet comprehensive guide on prayer, Psalms helps you in understanding how to relate to God and find his comfort and support whenever you need it.

Whether you’re going through a tough time in your life or you want to find out more about what God is like, this is the best book of the Bible to go for. A piece that makes you feel and experience the words through dramatic poetry, the book was written at different life stages of the authors. This means that you can find passages of all kinds– happy, sad, depressed, ecstatic– here which you can relate to personal experiences of your own.

6. The Epistle to the Romans

At its core, Romans is about what God is, how He’s our savior, and how following his words and path can lead to a better and happier life. It was written by Paul the Apostle to the Romans and is a part of the New Testament. In there, he explains that the only path to salvation is through the words of Jesus Christ and represents Christianity and its principles in a very organized and systematic way.

The book tries to convince the Romans (and the readers) why one needs a savior in their life and why it should be Jesus Christ. The book illustrates how God helps to secure our past, present, and future, absolve us of our sins, and in doing so, transform our lives. Explaining and elaborating on the gospel of Christ, it’s a great book to reaffirm your faith in God and Christ, and to understand how to lead your lives with their guidance.

7. The Book of Proverbs

How to lead our lives effectively and happily? How to find solace and comfort amidst despair? How to find wisdom? This book has the answer to all of those questions and more. The book was written to assist the believers and the church in making better decisions in their lives and to believe in and praise God. A lot of these sayings were penned by King Solomon, which presents his understanding of the meaning of life.

From family to finances to marriage, you can find advice on every aspect of one’s life in this book. The instructions given in this book are simple to follow and practical to achieve and bring you closer to a life that is simple and devoted to God. Part of the Christian Old Testament, the book bases a large part of its wisdom on the fear of God, and how we should try our best to lead a life devoid of sins and in obedience to his commands.

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