8 Tools that can help you in boosting the brand recognition of your business

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Did you know that there is a “Rule of Seven” in the world of marketing which claims that a consumer needs to come across a brand at least times before they are ready to make a purchase? Brand visibility not only helps increase your conversion rate but also improves your brand overshadow other competitors and establish a superior position in the marketplace. However, brand recognition is something that doesn’t happen overnight and consistency is the key behind most big brands’ success.

Today we are going to discuss eight tools that can help you with brand recognition in a saturated marketplace, regardless of your business niche and size. Thanks to these tools, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on increasing brand awareness and recognition. Most importantly, these tools can help you measure your brand’s performance, and it’s an online recognition score. So, let’s learn how your brand can become an overnight success by using these tools:

1 – Hootsuite

According to Wearesocial, 3.196 billion global users are going to use social media in 2018 which equals 42% penetration. This figure alone should be compelling enough for you to start using social media marketing. Invest a lot of time, money and efforts on social media marketing as it amplifies your content reach and helps with brand recognition.

To embrace social media, you should need the right tool. Hootsuite is a project level social media management tool which can help you post on social media channels and monitor growth. It is used by more than 10 million professionals online. That doesn’t mean that you need to be an advanced social media specialist to use Hootsuite. Its simple user interface and a wide range of features might be what you need to increase brand recognition on social media.

2 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great business networking tool for forward-thinking individuals and can help your brand grow.  91% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, and only 34% use Pinterest. LinkedIn is full of valuable metrics that are accessible to your company page admins. It shows how many people investigate your brand on LinkedIn and you can view the parameters through the Analytics section.

3 – Salesmate

Now that you have converted an idea into a business, it is time to start boosting its brand recognition. Acquiring your first few loyal customers can be a challenging task, and this is when a good CRM software can help you reach out to potential consumers. Salesmate is a management tool that is laden with exciting features to streamline your business process and understand the customer psyche. All this data can help you come up with relevant marketing strategies that can increase brand awareness and recognition.

4 – Google analytics

Google Analytics is a widely used free tool that can help you observe insights related to brand recognition. Google Analytics tracks the total number of people who have typed your website’s URL in their address bar or clicked a link that leads to your business site. You can track these metrics to get a clear indication whether your brand is being recognized according to your expectations or not.

5 – Topsy

Topsy is a social search engine which helps you track how many times your brand name is mentioned on the internet. Whether it is social media mentions, retweets or other mentions- Topsy will give you a first-hand account of all the online buzz that surrounds your brand.

A great way to increase your business’s brand recognition is to track your brand mentions on a regular basis. They can help you identify which marketing tactics are valid and which are not.

6 – Google Alerts

If you are a social media marketer, then you must certainly be familiar with Google Alerts. It is a free tool which sends you an email whenever your brand’s name or specified keywords are mentioned anywhere in the online world. You can set it up to send daily alerts every time Google indexes anything that is associated with your brand’s name. What’s more, you can even sort the various types of results you’d like to see, such as, blogs, videos, discussions, etc.

7 – Social Mention

Social Mention is a free online tool where business owners can search and receive data for almost any topic on earth. You can search for your brand on this website to get an idea of whether your social media marketing efforts are going in the right direction or not.

8 – Brandwatch Image Insights

You can’t boost your brand’s recognition without using an image recognition tool. Brandwatch image insights is a fantastic tool that is specially optimized for brands and agencies. It is the only tool that can track any brand logo.

Use it to find photos on the internet that are relevant to your brand. What’s more, this tool can analyze and ingest social media data itself, which means that you don’t have to work hard to collect all the data yourself.

Even though this is a relatively new technology in the world of social media, it is yet to take off and utilize its full potential.


If you are looking to create a stellar online brand, that captures the attention of your targeted customers, then you have to use the right social media tools. It is impossible to create a successful social media campaign without tracking the results, and you’ll only end up frustrated as you try to melt iron with your bare hands.

We hope that the tools mentioned above can help you increase the brand recognition of your business. You don’t need to use all these innovative tools at once. The key is to pick one or two as your kickstart your bespoke social media campaigns. Once you learn to track your brand mentions and other metrics, you can consider the next tool.

Do you use a tool to boost and track the brand recognition of your business? If yes, share your favorite one with us in the comments below.

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