5 things to check in your blog on each month

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Here is a collection of 5 things that you should check in your blog on each month which will let you know the overall status how is your blog going on.

This is not a single day task. Day by day, you will be familiar with your blog and there are lots of free and premium tools that help you to compare your blog with others. Compare your blog stats with last month stats of that same blog and surely you will get a difference. Some times, the things may increase dramatically where as some things drop a bit.

Few things you need to know on each month:

Social Media Fans:

This makes a huge role for making a blog success. Most of the users are in a social media now a days and they always prefer to visit your blog via social media blogs like Facebook, Twitter and many more.

When increasing number, this will help you to make boost your blog performance and if the numbers are decreasing, you need to work more in upcoming months.

More Subscribers:

Subscribers are also same as social media fans. They are simply nothing but who trust your blog deeply. They makes a huge role for online income. Just like affiliate link they makes your blog more traffic.

Comments Count:

As more users will come to your blog they can indirectly grow on your blog by commenting. Your blog will be getting more popular if it get more comments. Popular your blog among others so that you get comments by reverse.


Use Google Analytics tool or any other analytic tools, that will help you to get overall traffic i.e. organic traffic, direct traffic, referral and campaigns for your blog. Basically, the traffic is almost equal to earnings i.e. targeted traffic means more money to your blog.

For any low ranking keywords, you need to build some do-follow back links from commenting on blogs or by guest posting.

Ads Income:

Making money is the ultimate aim to your blog. Lots of programs are available online for making money like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Viglink and many more.

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So, make a report on each month how your blog is earning. This can help you to keep track on highest paying advertisement programs.

These are few things which you should definitely check on each month how your blog is running.

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