How to get traffic without google

get traffic without google

Here you will learn an alternative way to get traffic to your site i.e. is not search engine friendly without SEO or depends on Google.

Traffic is a most important thing to a business page. Without any traffic there is no SEO and no user visit. Most of the traffic comes to a site is from search engines.

But, there is an alternative way through which you can get traffic to you site without relying on Google i.e. just like buying paid traffic, using forums, promoting sites etc.

Social Media :

The main thing that promote your business without any cost is social media. Participating on social media site can make your site more popular and sharing somehow makes your content reach to more people.

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Try to share your content with some other persons. The more you share, more people will get a chance to view. In this way, you not only get noticed by other bloggers but you can attract their followers.

Blog Commenting :

To grow you network, you need to get in touch with people in your niche.
Try to comment on some other blogs and get connected with their topics. This may helps to grow your business. Always use some worthy points rather than spam comments.

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The Content Marketing :

The marketing is the easiest way to promote you business where as the word content marketing works for SEO and users.
For example, Guest posts is the easiest and quickest way to get traffic without any SEO. We have already discussed list of blogs that allow guest posting.

Some other strategies are: making backlinks, video marketing in which you can definitely attract more traffic to your blog.

Use Offline Marketing :

Offline marketing like attending seminars, meeting with some other people can grow your business in a real world without investing millions.

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