About the Don’t Die Wondering (DDW) Society

Don’t Die Wondering

Don’t Die Wondering is an exclusive online member’s club for high net-worths and influencers in the luxury, music, film, art and fashion industries. The service is available by application-only and boasts Hollywood A-list, captains of industry and highly recognisable influencers as members.

DDW’s London and NYC teams facilitate intel and global access for members across all the world’s most sought-after gigs, fashion shows, theatre previews, red carpet film premieres, magazine parties, luxury and PR launches.

Each member is hand-selected by a membership committee, with only 30% of applicants being accepted.

Prospective members can apply here or email: committee@dontdiewondering.com

DDW’s membership was launched by entrepreneur Antoin Commane.

DDW Magazine is a digital publication covering the very latest in luxury, music, film, art and fashion. DDW features lifestyle articles and interviews with global talent, people of influence and opinion makers.

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