The Role of B2B SEO Techniques in Growing Website Traffic

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A large number of businesses base their decisions on extensive research, which more often than not starts with internet search. This includes the decision for B2B clients and suppliers. If you are hoping to grow your B2B client base but are not utilising SEO the right way, you are not likely to appear high on the search results for such clients. This could result in slow business growth.

To get your website to rank for search by other business, you must take steps to ensure that you, assisted by your SEO company in India, apply SEO techniques for your website. Using the following tips will help you to make it effective towards growing the traffic. This need for SEO is applicable even if your services and marketing are more oriented towards the traditional format as this would help in higher lead generation.

Why B2B SEO?

B2B SEO is the same as SEO, but it is customised for business-related search from potential clientele. It is required to ensure that if a prospective client uses the search function to find someone to provide a service that you do or is looking to stock the products that you sell or vice versa, they should be able to find you easily. More importantly, they should find you rather than your competitor in the same field.

Differentiators from B2C

When you talk about B2B and B2C sales, they differ in many aspects, including customers, marketing goals as well as budgets. SEO also varies accordingly. It also varies by the kind of product/service on offer, its lifecycle and the needs of your prospective clients.

In a B2B scenario, the quality of leads is more important than quantity which is the case in B2C. The sale could much longer to complete but it ensures long term business.

Role of Keywords

Though not the whole and sole, keywords are important for any SEO, even for B2B. The search for these keywords needs you to have knowledge of the industry and the word used therein.

Focal Points of the Website

Before applying SEO, you need to know what parts of the website must be targeted.

  • First on the list is the homepage. While providing the key answers a client may look for, it should give out positive vibes. 
  • The second page that requires attention is the ‘Features’ page. This is where you should include details of the products and services that you sell and you need to be able to convince the client that your products are the solution they are looking for.
  • The third key page is where you compare your products to those of your competitors. You need to provide them with viable alternatives to what they might be using or considering.
  • The last but not the least is the ‘Blog’ page. This is the page where the readers get information about topics relevant to the industry that you represent.

Useful Techniques for B2B SEO

Look Past the Keywords

Though keywords are important, what you need to understand is the users’ purpose for search using the specific keywords. For this, you need to understand your users and their mindset. If the best SEO company in Delhi NCR can get authoritative content for you on relevant subjects, it should ensure that the keywords used are also relevant. You can look at websites that rank for your choice of keywords and get ideas for related topics. Answering questions posted by users also is a good approach for relevant content.

Create Personalised Content

If you have a prospective customer in mind, create content that can provide solutions for the troubles or anxieties that the customer is currently facing. It gives you good content with relevant keywords. This is also a proven influential factor.

Don’t Miss Out on Voice Search

The need for multi-tasking and the growing number of millennials in the business make voice search very important for B2B SEO. Voice search uses more of natural language and is more in the form of specific questions.

Optimize Your Meta-Descriptions

This is very important for the B2B market. Adding keywords in the meta-descriptions of the webpages is important as they encourage visitors to visit the website even if you are lower on the ranks. This informs Google of the relevance of your page.

Mobile Strategy Is Important

Everyone is aware of the rate at which mobiles have taken over the desktops and laptops for browsing and search. Hence, if there is a need to reach a wide audience, your website must be optimised for viewing on mobile phones. But, before investing too much on this aspect, ask your SEO company in India to verify whether your audience has moved on to this mode for browsing. Depending on the need to optimise it, you can choose to get a responsive web design or go for standalone pages for the mobile. The other options are dynamic serving and accelerated mobile pages. While taking on SEO, one very important aspect is to keep track of is what Google does as it could come out with new policy changes. If you are not aware of them, your SEO plans could become redundant.

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