5 Ways Law Firms Can Widen Their Client Reach

Law Firms

Law firms are just like any type of business that requires a good marketing strategy to thrive. While most of the talents that’d be working are great at their professions, not all are aware of how to find good clients. 

Considerations In Widening Client Reach

The industry of law is just among the businesses that have been affected by the pandemic because it hindered people from meeting with lawyers physically. But there are other ways to get the business to expand and get more clients. Here are some considerations:

1. Create A Detailed Business Website

The business has more chance to grow if the law firm has a website with valuable content about the company, services being provided, and relatable situations for the client. A website can help bridge the potential customer to your firm. Include a dedicated page for your firm’s achievements to help them decide whether to seek the assistance of one of your practicing lawyers despite the distance.

2. Use SEO On Your Content 

It’s also best to make use of lawyer SEO or search engine optimization for clients to find you. Aside from creating valuable content, you need to optimize it so search engines could pick it and place it higher at the browser page results. Using relevant keywords to your business website plays a huge role in your visibility. 

You’d want to use keywords the same way a customer would when they’re searching for something using browser engines. Keep in mind that clients are ordinary people who aren’t familiar with legal terms like lawyers do. They’d use words they’re familiar with when searching for a law firm.

For instance, they’d use words like ‘cancer from chemicals’ instead of ‘product liability.’ Use detailed phrases on your content such as ‘cancer from chemicals lawyer’ or use the phrases with a name of the location attached to them. The more specific, the greater the chance people will find your website.

Those who were injured and seeking assistance may use the internet to search for the nearest lawyers, so this is the right chance to use personal injury lawyer SEO. The search engine will offer a list of the best website embodying personal injury lawyer content with the right keyword placements.

3. Build A Partnership With Clients

You can take your business up a notch by building strong ties with your clients. Building a good relationship with your clients is the solid foundation to make a long-lasting and successful career as a lawyer.

A law firm isn’t just a simple business that’s profit-centered. When you’re spending time and learning about the lives of clients to protect them, you must also have the understanding that establishing solid relationships with people can get you far in the industry. 

It makes them happy because they feel more secure and more trusting in your abilities. There’s a likelihood your client will refer you to people they know. 

Law Firms

4. Utilize Social Media Strategy

If your law firm is nowhere near social media, you’re missing out on a lot of potential clients who may need your help. Social media advertising is another way to grow your online presence. Various businesses are growing because these platforms are where the people are, giving them the leverage of visibility. 

Using social media strategy can help increase brand awareness, reach more clients, assess and measure sentiment through social listening, give customer service, and build a community around the business. 

You’re not just placing links redirecting to your business website. A social media strategy is formed around your goals and objectives as a business. You’ll not only get more clients, but you’d also increase return on investment (ROI) as well.

5. Have Geographic Targeting

Advertising to your local area isn’t enough anymore. The truth is you can attract clients from other places, especially when there are other law firms in your area. Growing your client base should be your goal, but you must establish another strategy to get clients to see your business. 

The geographical expansion will help scale your business by turning your attention to regions where your practice has the potential to grow. Consider if there’s a possibility your credentials and reputation can be recognized in a brand-new setting or market. 

When expanding your firm to another location, you must establish an office where tasks and responsibilities can be streamlined. Also, keep constant communication between locations to lessen delays and promote cost-efficient operations. 

You may want to invest in IT services such as cybersecurity, mobile device management, and network infrastructure, among others. It’ll give the support you need with making sure your website is working fine as well as enabling clients to reach you anytime and anywhere.


There are many ways for law firms to reach out to various clients nowadays because of the internet. It used to be that you can only contact them by phone to set up a meeting. Today, you can make use of various tech-based solutions and combining them with human-centered strategies.

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