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Blog is nothing but converting your hobby into business. So by business or profession share your thoughts on a subject you love. Blogging is free and you can create blog on or WordPress.

So, is nothing but a free weblog publishing tool i.e. from Google, for sharing photos, video and text.

Let’s see how to start a blog on

  • First of all you need an email address on Gmail. If you do not have then create one by sign up.
  • Then login into using your registered email address.
  • After login click on “New Blog” button.
  • Provide title and choose template from the option. You can also choose a template later.
  • Finally click on “Create Blog” button.
  • After creating blog click on “Start posting” link.
  • Then put your title and text. And save.
  • Now you are done. Click “Publish”.

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They made an exception for Bloggers to give the readers an easy way for follow blogs using a variety of accounts.

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  1. What an insightful and encouraging guide! Turning your passion into a business through blogging seems so accessible and exciting, especially with the step-by-step instructions on starting a blog with The simplicity of the process, from creating an email address to publishing your first post, makes it incredibly user-friendly. Thanks for sharing this positive and empowering information!

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